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The Bent Door

Adrian, Texas

Bent Door
The reason for the name is obvious

The Bent Door is a roadside business in Adrian that has functioned in a variety of roles over the years, primarily as a cafe, then as a general store and souvenir stand. The name derives from the fact that some parts used in its construction were salvaged from an airport control tower.


The Bent Door as Tommy's Cafe in the early 1960s
The Bent Door in the early 1960s, then known as Tommy's Cafe


About the Bent Door
Business Type: Former cafe
Owner(s): n/a
Address: Adrian, Texas
Telephone: n/a
Web site: n/a
Directions: On old Route 66 (south side) just east of the Midpoint Cafe. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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