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Big Texan Steak Ranch

© Big Texan

Amarillo, Texas

Some places are known, others are well-known, and then there are others which are truly famous. Falling into the last category is the Big Texan Steak Ranch, world-renowned for offering a 72-oz steak FREE to anyone who can devour it in one hour.

Originally on U.S. 66 (Amarillo Blvd), the Big Texan first opened its doors in 1959. A decade or so later, when the old highway was bypassed in favor of Interstate 40, the Big Texan saw the writing on the wall and moved to its present location.

The Challenge

Thousands of people have attempted the gastronomic feat over the years, and approximately one in six succeed. The challenger is expected to not only consume the entire steak in the allotted hour, but also salad, shrimp cocktail, and other accoutrements.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch includes not only the world-famous steak restaurant, but also a motel and gift shop. The gift shop pays homage to Route 66 roadside attractions of yesteryear by displaying a live rattlesnake, as well as offering a large selection of Route 66-oriented souvenirs.


About the Big Texan
Business Type: Restaurant; Hotel/Motel; Gifts/Merchandise
Address: 7701 I-40 East, Amarillo, Texas
Telephone: 800.657.7177
Web site:
Directions: North side of I-40, just west of the Lakeside exit. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Map.


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