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Blue Sage Pottery and Art Gallery

Blue Sage Pottery
Gallery and studio on Route 66

Amarillo, Texas

From the proprietor, Kent Harris:

My wife, Megan Easley, and I own Blue Sage Pottery and Art Gallery on Historic Route 66. My wife's grandmother was instrumental in revitalizing Route 66 in Amarillo with her two antique businesses, Rusty & Dusty and Victoriana.

View inside the gallery
Inside the gallery

When she passed away, Megan and I took over and began selling our hand-made pottery and the artwork of local artists and artisans in the two historic brick buildings. We have been open for about 3 years now. Our pottery is all hand-made on the potter's wheel. We make our own glazes with local natural materials. Most of the pottery is for kitchen and table use, but I also have large show pieces.

My wife Megan makes colorful landscape paintings of the Southwest. Metal tables, wood bowls, and glass jewelry are also sold at our gallery. You can see us working next door in the studio any time you stop by.

Hours are Tuesday thru Friday 11-4 and Saturday 10-5. Appointments are also available if you are driving through on a Sunday or Monday. Just call us at 806-374-6568 earlier in the week.


About Blue Sage Pottery
Business Type: Art/Gifts
Owner(s): Kent Harris and Megan Easley
Address: 3302 W 6th Ave., Amarillo, Texas 79109
Telephone: 806.374.6568
Web site:


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