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Britten Water Tower

Britten water tower
Leaning water tower

Groom, Texas

Approaching Groom, Texas from the east, you'll notice a large water tower leaning markedly in a pasture. The tower is marked “Britten,” which is the name of a truck stop which formerly occupied the site.

Many Route 66 travelers make the mistake of attributing the tower's angle to its having “one leg shorter than the others.” However, closer examination reveals that none of the tower's four legs can rightfully be blamed. The true reason is that the tower's central water conduit—which of course is intended to lead below ground—is longer than any of the legs, and, since it was never permanently installed in the ground, causes the structure to lean.


About the Britten Leaning Water Tower
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Address: Groom, Texas
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Directions: On the eastern approach to town. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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