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Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch
Photo © Drew Knowles

Amarillo, Texas

Cadillac Ranch is an outdoor art installation created in 1974 by a co-op calling themselves Ant Farm, and backed by an Amarillo arts patron, Stanley Marsh 3. It consists of a row of ten partially-buried Cadillac automobiles with their tailfins extending skyward.

Although Cadillac Ranch was placed alongside Interstate 40 (U.S. 66 was already being referred to in the past tense in Amarillo by the 1970s), it's considered by most roadies to be a must-stop on any tour of Route 66.

Photo © Drew Knowles

It has become tradition for those visiting Cadillac Ranch to bring paint in order to add their own names, dates, sentiments, and artistic flourishes. Periodically, all of the cars are re-painted with a solid color so that the process can start over again.


About Cadillac Ranch
Business Type: Outdoor art
Owner(s): Created by the Ant Farm in 1974
Address: Amarillo, TX
Telephone: n/a
Web site: n/a
Directions: Southside I-40 service road, between exits 60 & 62 (west side of town). See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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