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Cozy Dog Drive In

Early photo of Cozy Dog Drive In
courtesy Cozy Dog archive

Sprinigfield, Illinois

Though not widely known outside of Mother Road circles, Ed Waldmire Jr, founder of the Cozy Dog Drive In of Springfield, invented the corndog, or "hotdog on a stick" back in the 1940s and based his small chain of restaurants on the now-familiar concoction.

At right is a vintage photograph from the Waldmire collection, showing the Cozy Dog Drive In in its early days of operation.

Reproduced below is a postcard of somewhat more recent vintage, from the University's collection.

Bon Appetit!

Cozy Dog postcard


About Cozy Dog Drive In
Business Type: Restaurant
Owner(s): Sue Waldmire
Address: 2935 S Sixth, Springfield, Illinois 62703
Telephone: 217.525.1992
Web site:


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