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The Diamonds Restaurant (and Tri-County Truck Stop)

Villa Ridge, Missouri

Original Diamonds
The Diamonds in its earliest form

This location started life as the Diamonds Restaurant, which in early postcards bills itself first as “The Old Reliable Eating Place” and later the “World's Largest Roadside Restaurant.”

The Diamonds
Vintage postcard showing the Diamonds Restaurant in its second stage

The original building burned in the 1940s and was replaced with the current streamline-inspired design that was eventually taken over and re-named Tri-County Truck Stop.

The “Diamonds” name now is found on a building to the east. Both locations are closed and out-of-business as of this writing.

World's Largest Roadside Restaurant
“World's Largest Roadside Restaurant” postcard

Tri-County Truck Stop
Stage 3: same building as above, but re-named Tri-County Truck Stop (1997)

Tri-County today
Stage 4: as photographed in 2008

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About The Diamonds
Business Type: Former restaurant
Address: Villa Ridge, MO
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