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Elbow Inn

Devil's Elbow, Missouri

Elbow Inn

Today the Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ occupies a building—dating from the late 1930s—which once housed the Munger Moss Sandwich Shop, a former eatery from the heyday of Route 66.

The town of Devil's Elbow was completely bypassed in the 1940s following the construction of the nearby Hooker Cut. Reduced traffic through town forced the business to move to Lebanon, where a motel was soon added to the restaurant. You can still stay at the Munger Moss Motel, although the associated sandwich shop is no more.

Today the Elbow Inn caters to a more in-the-know crowd who appreciate its down-to-earth atmosphere and good old-fashioned food and drink. They know that a brief detour from the main highway is well worthwhile.


About Elbow Inn
Business Type: Restaurant/Cafe
Address: PO Box 263, Devil's Elbow, MO 65457
Telephone: 573.336.5375
Web site:
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