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Frog Rock

Waynesville, Missouri

Frog Rock is a stone outcropping protruding from a hillside on the east side of Waynesville.

Of course the rock always looked somewhat frog-shaped, or else it wouldn't have received the name, but nowadays Frog Rock is periodically repainted in bright colors in order to enhance the resemblance.

View of Frog Rock from the roadway
Frog Rock, as viewed from the road below


Frog Fest is a community-wide festival held the first Saturday in May each year.


About Frog Rock
Business Type: Topo feature
Owner(s): n/a
Address: Waynesville, MO
Telephone: n/a
Web site: n/a
Directions: On a hillside above old 66 , east side of town. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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