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Jackrabbit Trading Post

Jackrabbit figure

Joseph City, Arizona

Anticipation. That's what comes to mind when I think of the Jackrabbit Trading Post. Sure, the big billboard exclaiming “Here It Is!” is unique and impressive and known the world over. But the marketing strategy for the Jackrabbit was all about anticipation. And when it's done right, anticipation is one of the hardest things to resist.

In addition to the renowned billboard pictured here, the Jackrabbit posted smaller signs up and down the highway in both directions giving progress reports. When you were 87 miles away, you'd see a simple sign with a jackrabbit silhouette stating: “87 miles.”

Here It Is!
The famous billboard

Several miles later, there'd be exactly the same graphic, but with the enticing figure: “69 miles.”

As you, the Route 66 motorist, approached ever closer, the signs would appear more and more frequently: twenty-six— eighteen— fourteen— eleven . . .

No wonder, then, that by the time the family had arrived, EVERYONE in the car—including dear old dad—was DESPERATE to pull over and find out for themselves just what all the fuss was about.

The Jackrabbit Trading Post started its life alongside Route 66 back in 1949, when the postwar boom years were in full swing and America, after years of austerity, was on the move again.

Since 1967, it has been in the same family—Cindy Jaquez represents the third such generation.

So pull over, like so many thousands of others have before you, and fill up on gas, beer, sundries, and southwestern souvenirs. Experience the Jackrabbit mystique!


About Jackrabbit Trading Post
Business Type: Gifts/Merchandise
Owner(s): Antonio & Cindy Jaquez
Address: 3386 Old Hwy 66, Joseph City, AZ 86032
Telephone: 928.288.3230
Web site: http://www.jackrabbit-
Directions: You can't miss us—just look for our billboard!


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