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Jesse James Museum
& Antique Toy Museum

Stanton, Missouri

At I-44's exit #230 stand a pair of museums; one for the outlaw Jesse James, and the other for antique toys.

Jesse James Museum

Jesse James Museum

Jesse James, one of the most famous American outlaws of all time, with numerous connections to the state of Missouri, is the subject of a museum near Stanton established in the 1960s.

More specifically, this museum focuses on some controversy surrounding his death. Some say—and the position is well supported here in the museum—that Jesse, rather than having died in 1882, actually lived to old age and finally passed away in 1951 in Texas.

The museum's founder, Rudy Turilli, claimed to have tracked down the outlaw in 1948, befriended him, and began putting together the pieces of the theory that forms the basis for his museum. Turilli claimed that James' death was faked those many years ago with a substitute corpse so that James could live out his days in peace and obscurity.

In the 1990s, in an attempt to put an end to conspiracy theories, Jesse's supposed grave from 1882 was exhumed, and DNA testing was performed on the remains found there. Though the results of that testing indicated that there was a 99.7% certainty that those remains belonged to Jesse James, it has done nothing to change the minds of the current generation of the Turelli family.

Antique Toy Museum

Right next door to the Jesse James Museum is the Antique Toy Museum. No matter what your age, you're sure to find something that will take you back in time and bring back those memories of youth.


About the Museums
Business Type: Museum/Preservation
Address: Stanton, MO 63079
Telephone: 573.927.5233 (Jesse James)
573.927.xxxx (Antique Toys)
Web site:
Directions: Located off Interstate 44 at Exit 230, Stanton, Missouri. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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