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John's Modern Cabins

Arlington (or Newburg), Missouri

Sign over John's Modern Cabins

On a dead-end stretch of old Route 66 west of Rolla, it's not hard to overlook what remains of John's Modern Cabins. The “modern” moniker is ironic, since the cabins were always primitive, and in fact were served by an outhouse. The only feature remotely modern was the neon sign—now faded, weathered, and broken—which at one time glowed warmly above the simple accomodations.

The site is easily missed, because its location has been bypassed by interstate routing more than once. The latest re-configuration makes it even more difficult to spot and reach.

main office, John's Modern Cabins
The main cabin with overhead sign

The cabins had their start in the 1930s, when Route 66 itself was still young. Eventually the property was acquired by John Dausch in the early 1950s, who added the self-referential neon sign.

But that was all long ago. The property has been vacant and unused since at least the 1970s, and those many years of neglect have left the cabins unsalvageable and unstable to the point of posing a hazard—explorers beware.


About John's Modern Cabins
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