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Meramec Caverns Barn Murals

barn mural near Sapulpa, OK
This is one of many advertising barns now gone. Formerly near Sapulpa, OK.

No one knows for sure just how many roadside barns throughout middle America were once painted with advertising for Meramec Caverns, an attraction near Stanton, Missouri. What we do know is there are still a few examples left on Route 66 which add to the vintage flavor of those parts of the highway.

Laws in most states prohibit any NEW barn murals such as these, but existing ones are in most cases "grandfathered" under the law, and in a few cases, particularly on Route 66, they have been restored so that today's traveler can continue to enjoy them.

barn mural in disrepair

Be on the lookout for barns with Meramec Caverns murals on westbound 66 in Illinois, and eastbound 66 in Oklahoma and Missouri.

Existing barn near Warwick, OK
Eastbound travelers will spot this example near Warwick, Oklahoma.


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