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Pacific Bluffs

Pacific, Missouri

Pacific, Missouri—named for the Pacific railroad—is distinguished by the presence of a nearly continuous bluff, or cliff, along the north side of the highway, a geologic feature known as the St. Peter sandstone. That sandstone bluff is punctuated by occasional open cavelike cavities that are clearly visible to the passing motorist, a holdover from the days when the bluffs were actively mined for glassmaking.

Pacific bluffs
A view of the bluffs beside Route 66/Osage St. in the town of Pacific.

About the Pacific Bluffs
Business Type: Geographic features
Owner(s): n/a
Address: Pacific, MO
Telephone: n/a
Web site: n/a
Directions: Seen along the north side of old 66 (Osage Street). See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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