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Arcadia, Oklahoma

You've probably heard about one of the Mother Road's newest and most distinctive attractions—POPS—which opened for business in 2007. The following was provided by POPS' Marketing Manager, Jessica Ockershauser:

POPS of Arcadia

POPS is the newest, coolest Landmark on Historic Route 66. It's the effervescent essence of the mother road: colorful, free-wheeling FUN! Located in beautiful Arcadia, Oklahoma, POPS is a must-see destination, attraction and all-around fab phenom. It starts with a 66-foot soda pop bottle that makes POPS an instant icon. At its base is an ultra-modern gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop and convenience store.

POPS' signature item is FIZZ! Visitors can take their pick from an awesome collection of 500+ sodas and beverages. With POPS' world-class selection, there's something ice-cold, refreshing and fizzed for everyone! Since opening its doors on August 6, POPS has been "popping," selling over 500,000 bottles of soda! POPS' restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and everything in between. Best burgers, fries and breakfast anywhere! POPS' shake shop serves 10 scrumptious flavors made with hand-dipped premium ice cream. Not only has POPS been a hit with the locals, we also received national attention, having been featured in the July issue of Food & Wine Magazine and recently voted as one of America's Best New Sweet Stops by Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure online. Also, during its first month of operation, POPS was featured on CNN, MSNBC and the weekend Today Show as well as in news broadcasts around the nation in 36 markets.

"The landmark architecture behind the creation of POPS reflects the hope and enthusiasm for Route 66's future role in our country and represents the spirit and individuality that made Route 66 the adventure highway many enthusiasts enjoy today," explains award-winning Oklahoma architect Rand Elliott, who conceived the idea. "POPS' essence is the spirit of Route 66 in today's language. The key to POPS is that visitors experience the past and leave with the sense they have discovered a new destination and adventure along the way. POPS' role as a gas station, restaurant/soda fountain and store represent a homage to the past, present and future of Route 66."

Guests feel a sense of nostalgia as they reminisce about the days of the soda shop and classic sodas such as Moxie. At the same time, guests are wowed by the ground-breaking architecture and futuristic feel of POPS with its ultra-modern gas pumps and technology. POPS is a fresh and funky stop on the Mother Road.


About POPS
Business Type: Cafe/Merchandise
Owner/Mgr: Marty Doepke, General Manager
Address: 660 W. Highway 66, Arcadia, OK 73007
Telephone: 877.266.7677; 405.233.2023 (fax)
Web site:


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