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Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge
The bridge as viewed from the newer bypass

Crossing Brush Creek west of Riverton, Kansas, is a Marsh arch bridge (Marsh being the name of the designer) commonly referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.


Roadway with shield
The bridge pavement as photographed in 1997

The bridge was restored by the Cherokee County Commission and the Kansas Historic Route 66 Association in the early 1990s.


Now largely obscured by a latter-day guard rail, shown below is a metal plaque affixed to the side of the bridge noting some of the highway officials and engineers involved with the original construction of the bridge in the early 1920s. This was prior to the establishment of Route 66 and the rest of the numbered federal highway system (which did not come into being until 1926).

Original 1923 plaque
Close-up of plaque on bridge dating from its original construction in 1923


Bridge with explanatory sign
Sign erected after restoration of the bridge in the early 1990s


About Rainbow Bridge
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Directions: West of Riverton, Kansas, on Beasley Road at Brush Creek. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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