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Rest Haven Court

Springfield, Missouri

Rest Haven Motel neon
A look at the Rest Haven's ample offering of neon

As you enter Springfield from the east on Kearney Street, just prior to the left turn onto Glenstone, keep a watch out for the Rest Haven Motel and its enormous neon sign.

The Rest Haven is still very much alive and well on old Route 66, as evidenced by the night-time photograph at right taken in the 1990s.

Springfield is blessed with many, many motels, but the Rest Haven was, and still is, one of the first that the westbound Route 66 traveler encounters. That fact has certainly helped to set it apart over the years and allowed it to remain in business while so many others have faded away.

Rest Haven Motel postcard
Postcard showing the Rest Haven in its prime

The sign to which the Rest Haven owes so much of its distinctiveness was added in the 1950s (the motel itself began operating in the late 1940s).


About Rest Haven Court
Business Type: Hotel/Motel
Address: 2000 E. Kearney St., Springfield, MO 65803
Telephone: 417.869.9114
Web site:
Directions: On Kearney (eastern approach to town) just prior to Glenstone Ave. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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