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Rod's Steakhouse

Williams, Arizona

sign for Rod's Lounge
Sign outside the lounge entrance

Rod's Steakhouse began serving Route 66 travelers—as well as the local population—in the city of Williams in 1946, just when the postwar boom in automobile travel was getting under way.

Domino, the dappled steer symbolic of Rod's for decades, can be found in various forms, including the restaurant's menu, which is a much-sought-after keepsake.

menu from Rod's
Rod's Steakhouse menu, featuring their world-famous mascot, "Domino"

Williams, Arizona is about sixty miles south of the Grand Canyon on old Route 66. The town also has several motels of the small, charming, classic variety. Plan to stay ahwile!

About Rod's Steakhouse
Business Type: Restaurant
Owner(s): Lawrence & Stella Sanchez
Address: 301 E. Route 66, Williams, AZ 86046
Telephone: 928.635.2671
Web site:


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