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Sandhills Curiosity Shop

Sandhills Curiosity Shop artwork
© 1994 Annabelle Russell

Erick, Oklahoma

The Sandhills Curiosity Shop is arguably the most unique roadside establishment on all of Route 66.

Husband and wife proprietors Harley and Annabelle Russell call themselves the Mediocre Music Makers, and they LOVE an opportunity to entertain each and every traveler who takes a minute to enter their shop, which is located in the town's old city meat market building about a block off U. S. 66 in Erick.

Sorry, No Sale

The building itself is chock-full of thousands of items of memorabilia—signs, antique furniture, guitars, books, and photographs of some of the thousands of roadies who've stopped in over the years—but as Harley puts it, “Nothing here is for sale.” Instead, it's all here simply to ENJOY.

Harley and Annabelle Experience
© 2004 Drew Knowles

And enjoy you will. Harley and Annabelle are always “on,” with a constant stream of music, humor, stimulating conversation, and out-and-out exuberance.

Pull up a chair and stay awhile. Snacks and refreshments are all part of the ambience, too. If you approve of what Harley and Annabelle are doing here in the Redneck Capital of the World, just leave a little token of appreciation in one of the tip jars you'll see on the premises.

Experience It For Yourself

Make sure you stop to meet the Russells and get your own taste of the Harley and Annabelle Experience during your adventure on Route 66. It's sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

About Sandhills Curiosity Shop
Business Type: Service/Entertainment
Owner(s): Harley & Annabelle Russell
Address: 201 S Sheb Wooley Ave (PO Box 121)
Telephone: 580.526.3738
Web site: You'll just have to VISIT in PERSON!
Directions: Just south of Route 66 on Sheb Wooley Ave in the center of town. Look for the 66 shields in the window!


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