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Seaba Station

Seaba Station logo

Warwick, Oklahoma

Seaba Station began life in the 1920s as a Nev-R-Nox gasoline station. Later, in the 1950s, it was refitted as an engine rebuilding shop. In 2000, current owners Sonny and Sue Preston opened what is today a gifts, antiques, and Route 66 souvenir emporium.


Seaba Station entrance
Seaba Station received a Roadside Attraction designation in 2003.

The Seaba Station is frequently used by the Oklahoma Route 66 Association for their regular meetings. Stop in and find out what Mother Road neighborliness is all about.

Seaba Station photo
Seaba Station during the annual OK Rt 66 cruise festivities

Although the official postal address is Chandler, the Seaba Station is actually much closer to the community of Warwick. Look for it there.


About Seaba Station
Business Type: Gifts/Merchandise
Owner(s): Sonny and Sue Preston
Address: Rt 1 Box 7891, Chandler, OK 74834
Telephone: 405.258.6700
Web site:
Directions: 1 mile east of the US 177 junction


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