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Silver Spur Motel

Amarillo, Texas

Silver Spur Motel sign
Vintage western-themed sign at the Silver Spur

Like so many older motels, the Silver Spur no longer serves overnight travelers, but instead has begun catering to longer-term guests. This has resulted from (a) the fact that Amarillo Boulevard is no longer considered part of a major transcontinental highway, and (b) also that the immediate area has become economically downtrodden.

So, although you won't want to stay at the Silver Spur, it is recommended that you keep on the lookout for it as you do your Route 66 explorations in the area. The motel still offers a nice photo opportunity in the form of its vintage neon sign in the form of a western boot.

The postcard pictured below shows the Silver Spur in happier, more prosperous times.

Silver Spur postcard
Vintage postcard (circa 1940s)

Not far from the Silver Spur—just a little further west on Amarillo Blvd.—stands the Cowboy Motel, which also possesses an interesting sign. Keep an eye out for it, too.

About the Silver Spur Motel
Business Type: Hotel/Motel
Address: 4011 E. Amarillo Blvd., Amarillo, TX 79107
Telephone: 806.383.7381
Web site: n/a
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