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Sixth Avenue District

Amarillo, Texas

An eatery on Sixth

Sometimes referred to locally as the Route 66 Historic District, SW Sixth Avenue is an older, urban alignment of the highway through the heart of town.

The area was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, and since then has gone through a period of revitalization. Today, its vintage buildings are filled with antique stores, cafes, and other pedestrian-friendly shops.


The Nat
The Nat

One fixture in the area is the Nat Ballroom and Bookstore. What started as a natatorium (swimming pool) in the 1920s soon evolved into a musical venue and dinner club on Route 66, hosting a wide range of musical genres over the decades.

The Sixth Avenue District was also the site of the National Historic Route 66 Federation's festivities in 1998, the year Tom Teague was presented with the John Steinbeck Award.

Mural on Sixth Avenue


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Directions: SW Sixth Avenue, between Georgia and Forrest Streets. See also our GPS-based Clickable G-Maps.


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