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Spencer's Grill

Kirkwood, Missouri

vintage sign at Spencer's Grill
The sign out front dates from 1948.

Spencer's Grill has been operating at its current location on Kirkwood Road (U.S. 66) since 1947, serving locals and roadies alike quality food that keeps them all coming back for more.


Spencer's Grill in the 1940s

Here's a view of Spencer's Grill shortly after the former grocery store was converted to a cafe in 1947.


Spencer's Grill today

Spencer's Grill, just as it looks today, with the original clock.



About Spencer's Grill
Business Type: Restaurant/Cafe
Owner(s): Chris Powers
Address: 223 S. Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122
Telephone: 314.821.2601
Web site:
Directions: In the heart of Kirkwood (greater St. Louis), just a few blocks south of the historic railroad depot.


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