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Wigwam Village Motels

Wigwam Motel
Rialto, California

The Wigwam Village chain of motels began in the 1940s when Frank Redford built and patented the first in the series near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The chain eventually expanded all the way to the west coast, where American Indian motifs were especially in vogue. Mr Redford's royalty on the idea originally consisted of the proceeds from a coin-operated radio placed in each teepee-shaped room.

Three Wigwam Villages remain—in Cave City, Kentucky, Holbrook, Arizona, and Rialto, California. Two of the three are on old Route 66.


Wigwam Village - Holbrook, AZ

Wigwam Motel in Holbrook
Wigwam Village, Holbrook

While most of the Wigwam Village Motels have disappeared, and others have endured cycles of blight and disuse, the Wigwam Village in Holbrook, Arizona has continued in business. The sign outside says "Have You Slept in a Wigwam Lately?" just as it has for decades.

Holbrook is very close to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, two ancient attractions well worth your time to visit.

About Wigwam Village (Holbrook)
Business Type: Hotel/Motel
Address: 811 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook AZ 86025
Telephone: 928.524.3048
Web site: http://


Wigwam Village - Rialto, CA

The Wigwam Village on Route 66 in Rialto had for many years fallen into disrepair. In the spring of 2004, however, the motel began undergoing an extensive renovation at the hands of its new owners, Jagdish Patel, and his son Manoj. That renovation was so successful that the motel received a preservation award from the Route 66 Preservation Foundation the following year.

Wigwam Village, Rialto

About Wigwam Village (Rialto)
Business Type: Hotel/Motel
Owner(s): Jagdish and Manoj Patel
Address: 2728 W Foothill Blvd
Rialto, CA 92376
Telephone: 909.875.3005
Web site:
Directions: North side of Rt 66 (Foothill Blvd) between Meridian and Pepper Avenues


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