Our Campus

The campus of Route 66 University is unique in the world. Spanning more than two thousand miles in length, from downtown Chicago, Illinois, to the Pacific coast at Santa Monica, California, our campus is more extensive and diverse than any other. Similarly, the life experiences available to the student of Route 66 are also of unparallelled diversity and scope.

Campus Map

Below is an overall map of the campus. A somewhat larger version is available here. Insets, or detailed maps of more limited areas, are available in our maps department.


Campus Orientation Map

Student Body

The University's student body is made up of thousands of individuals worldwide who make Route 66 the most-studied highway of modern times. A great many of our students live overseas, and pursue their studies primarily via the world wide web. All students, however, are strongly encouraged to visit and explore our campus as frequently and as extensively as practical. Only by doing so will the student be likely to grasp the full mystery and magic of the Mother Road.