Baxter Springs, Kansas

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Sign for Bill Murphey's Restaurant
Neon sign for Bill Murphey's Restaurant on a corner in downtown Baxter Springs

Baxter Springs had its beginnings in the mid-19th century as the site of an inn and general store owned by a man named Baxter. In the "old west" era following the civil war, Baxter Springs became a busy waypoint in the transport of cattle from Texas to the markets further north in Kansas City. That period ended, however, with the establishment of rail lines in the major cattle-producing parts of Texas, and Baxter Springs' boom period became a thing of the past.

Black Dog Trail marker
This marker for the Black Dog Trail is on the grounds of the Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum

Today the city includes a Route 66 visitor center occupying an early Phillips 66 station, as well as the Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum where you can pick up a guide to either a walking or driving tour of local points of interest. The Heritage Center underwent a major expansion in 2008.


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