Galena, Kansas

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Signs in downtown Galena, Kansas
Signs in downtown Galena, KS

The town of Galena is located in Cherokee County in the southeastern corner of Kansas, and is closely surrounded by the neighboring states of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Historically, this region has had an economy based upon mining, particularly lead and zinc mining ("galena" actually being a name for lead-bearing ore).

old advertising mural
Old, partially-exposed mural in downtown Galena

The mines have long since closed, and with them Galena lost much of its economic viability. This compounded the fact the the Kansas portion of Route 66 had been bypassed even earlier.

In the early 1980s, Galena's railroad depot closed and was soon moved to its present site for use as a museum.

4 Women on the Route
"4 Women on the Route" is located in a former service station

Route 66 features in Galena include the historical museum located in the old railroad depot, the Route 66 Howard Pappy Litch Park, and 4 Women on the Route, established in 2007 in an abandoned service station.

Not on Route 66, but just a short distance south of town, is Schermerhorn Park, which includes a small nature center.

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