Arlington, Missouri

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Just east of Arlington, and by some accounts located in Newburg, are the decaying remains of John's Modern Cabins.

Arlington, MO
Large building at the Arlington townsite

Arlington is/was a small village in the Ozark region of Missouri. This area was traditionally a getaway region for residents of the Saint Louis area prior to the Route 66 era, and so was considered "resort" country. When Route 66 became established and motor tourists began passing through in greater numbers, there were already many cabins and cafes in the area. Thus, the cross-country motorists were taking advantage of roadside services that were actually established early on for more of a local/regional clientele.

vintage view of Stony Dell
Portion of a postcard view of Stony Dell pool

Arlington was once home to Stony Dell, a small resort which included a recreational swimming area popular with the locals during the Depression years. By the time of Jack Rittenhouse's survey of Route 66 in 1946, however, the Arlington area was a very quiet place, and Rittenhouse noted that the town itself had already been bypassed by the main alignment of the highway.

Today one can still see a small group of buildings at the Arlington townsite. There is also a still-operating RV park complex calling itself the Arlington River Resort.

A short distance beyond the townsite proper stand the remains of the Stony Dell resort, and just beyond that a private residence with several stoneworks comprising a memorial to the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Many of those stoneworks are visible to the motorist passing on Route 66.




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