Cuba, Missouri

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The name of the town is a matter of some mystery. At least three competing explanations can be found on the town's website, but none seems compelling. The simplest, that someone who'd been to the island nation and liked it provided the name, is probably closest to the truth.

Mural City logo

Cuba earned the nickname “Mural City” in the early 2000s when a local beautification group, Viva Cuba, commissioned a series of twelve murals throughout the town. There is even a Mural City candy bar.

One of the town's murals is located on the side of a restored Phillips 66 station at the corner of Franklin (Hwy. 19) and Washington (Route 66), an intersection known locally as the “4-Way.”

Easily the most distinctive feature of Cuba—and of particular interest to Route 66 explorers—is the Wagon Wheel Motel, with a neon-trimmed wagon wheel incorporated into its sign. Look for it on the east side of town.

West of Cuba, the nearby community of Fanning boasts the World's Largest Rocking Chair.

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