Lebanon, Missouri

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Lake of the Ozarks, north of Lebanon, Mo.

Magnetic water? A man digging a well in Lebanon in 1889 discovered that his tools had become magnetized by contact with the groundwater. This soon resulted in the establishment of the Gasconade Hotel, where visitors were encouraged to bathe in the local waters for supposed health benefits. The hotel burned in about ten years, however, and was not rebuilt.

Greeting you in rapid succession as you enter Lebanon from the east are the Munger Moss Motel and Wrink's Market. Just across the street from Wrink's are the remains of a former 66-era motel, the Rock Court.

Wrink's Market has been family-run for over fifty years. When Glenn "Wrink" Wrinkle passed away in 2005 after having run the store since 1950, the market closed for a time. But in 2007 Glenn's son Terry re-opened the store, at once continuing a family tradition and re-establishing a local institution.

Munger Moss close-up

The Munger Moss Motel was established in 1946 with a modest number of rooms, but it has expanded several times over the years, and now comprises almost a village unto itself. Some of the rooms are decorated with authentic Route 66 artwork as part of the furnishings. Furthermore, the motel has been under the same owner/managership since 1971.

The Lebanon-LaClede County Public Library opened in a newly-updated space in 2004, and it includes a museum dedicated to Route 66. It's located on Jefferson Avenue, about halfway between Elm (old 66) and the new highway, I-44.

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