Pacific, Missouri

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Vintage postcard featuring Pacific's sandstone bluffs

Pacific lies about 30 miles or so south and west of St. Louis, and is known for the sandstone bluffs along the northern edge of town. Those bluffs are clearly visible to the Route 66 traveler, and were considered distinctive enough that they were featured in several postcards over the years.

Red Cedar Inn
Red Cedar Inn as photographed in June of 2008

Pacific's other claim to fame is the presence of the Red Cedar Inn, for many years a restaurant and general meeting-place for travelers and locals alike. The Red Cedar stands alongside old Route 66. At the time of a Route 66 University visit in 2008, the property was up for sale.

Photographic postcard of the bluffs in Pacific
Late postcard featuring a color photograph of the bluffs


Gray Summit & Villa Ridge

Just west of Pacific are the communities of Gray Summit and Villa Ridge, home to the Gardenway Motel and the Tri-County Truck Stop. The Gardenway Motel no longer caters to overnight lodgers, but its vintage sign is intact and worth a close look. The Tri-County Truck Stop Restaurant is no longer in business. The building still stands, and was once the home of a restaurant called The Diamonds.


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