Springfield, Missouri

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Rest Haven Motel sign

Nicknamed “Queen of the Ozarks,” Springfield certainly will not disappoint the Route 66 traveler, with numerous vintage sites worth visiting.

Route 66 took multiple paths through town over the years, so try some exploring. There are quite a few 66-era motels still standing on Kearney and Glenstone Avenues.

Springfield also has the honor of being the site of the first hamburger stand with a drive-thru window. Unfortunately for you and me, Red's Giant Hamburg was torn down in the 1990s after fifty years of serving the motoring public.

Humpin to Please logo
Snortin' Norton logo painted on the side of a Campbell's 66 Express trailer

You might also know that Springfield was headquarters for the Campbell's “66” Express trucking company, widely known for its distinctive logo featuring Snortin' Norton the camel, who was depicted as "Humpin' to Please." The company remained in business until the 1980s.

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