Contact Information

Contact with the university's administrative offices for purposes of general inquiries may be accomplished in the following ways:

Mailing Address

Letters, postcards, etc may be sent to the university's Chief Administrator:

Drew Knowles
111 Prospect Ave, Unit 52
Hot Springs, AR 71901


Voice and text messages: 682-325-9899.


Send email to .

Special Forms

A number of specialized forms are available for you to submit, depending on your intention:

Online Suggestion Box

An online suggestion box is located here.

Campus Visit

Alternatively, you may wish to pay a personal visit to our physical campus, since there's no better way to learn about the Mother Road. For directions and other important information, please use any of the Our Campus links throughout this website. The campus of Route 66 University is open to visitors twenty-four hours per day, and students are stongly encouraged to visit.

Did You Know?

You can use the online Suggestion Box to express your opinions.