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Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center - The Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center is located on the longest continuous stretch of Route 66 left in the USA. Housed inside is the Route 66 Museum - a chronological travel history of the Route from ancient days through the 50's & 60's; the Arizona Route 66 Association and Gift Shop; a Carlos Elmer photo gallery; the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor Information Center for Kingman, Arizona and beyond.
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Legends of America - Legendary Route 66 covers the entire Mother Road from Chicago to Santa Monica, bringing you its history, attractions, legends, and hundreds of vintage and current photographs.
Date Added: 2005-08-02 | Accessed: 3147 times
Route 66 Buzz - The Route 66 Buzz provides information about Route 66 attractions, trivia and history. A must for planning your trip. Links to major attractions and lodging.
Date Added: 2006-01-12 | Accessed: 1435 times
Route 66 Pulse - The Route 66 Pulse is both an electronic and a conventional newspaper, specializing in the news that Mother Road enthusiasts want to know about.
Date Added: 2006-05-23 | Accessed: 1092 times

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