The GPS 66 Project

Route 66 University is joining the well-known Google Maps application with field-verified GPS coordinates to create a system of interactive maps of Route 66, also referred to as Clickable G-Maps.

About GPS 66

GPS 66 launched on this site in October 2008 with 2 of the Mother Road's eight states (Texas and Kansas), 9 cities, and more than 20 attractions of varying kinds. Our goal is to map all eight states, hundreds of Route 66 towns, and thousands of points of interest. Route 66 deserves this extraordinary treatment.

How You Can Help

Our goal as outlined above is ambitious to say the least—but well worth the effort. The result will be that online visitors to Route 66 University will be able to take a virtual tour of the entire length of the world's most famous road: from statewide maps to individual community profiles; from historical landmarks to current business information; all of it supplemented with the photographs and detailed information researchers have come to expect from Route 66 U, and all of it easily navigable using a standard web browser.

There are several ways you can help make this dream a reality. Here are just a few:

Anyone interested in contributing to this project may contact the university administrator using any of the methods on our Contact page.



You can also show your support for Route 66 University and the GPS 66 Project by making a small monetary donation through the Amazon Honor System. For details, please go to our main Maps page.