Oklahoma Route 66 Maps

About Oklahoma
Nickname: Sooner State
State Bird: Scissortail Flycatcher
State Flower: Mistletoe
Capital: Oklahoma City
Miles of US 66: 370
outline map of Rt 66 in Oklahoma

Route 66 in Oklahoma followed the path now occupied by Interstates 44 and 40.


Route 66 entered Oklahoma in the extreme northeast corner of the state. In earlier years, it entered from Kansas and encountered its first Oklahoma community at Quapaw. In later years, Kansas had been bypassed entirely and the Route entered Oklahoma along the eastern border with Missouri.

In Oklahoma, much of what was once Route 66 has been re-designated (and posted) as state highway 66. This makes traveling the Route quite easy. Bear in mind, however, that OK 66 represents only one of many alignments that U.S. 66 used over the years. Exploration will yield many earlier alignments that today's traveler can drive.

The path of Route 66 through Oklahoma is highlighted on the 1957 map below. A large PDF version is also available for more detailed viewing.

1956 map showing Rt 66 in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Route 66 Association's Trip Guide

Each year, the Oklahoma Route 66 Association publishes its Trip Guide, a comprehensive set of detail maps and driving guidelines supported by advertisers and other friends of the Mother Road. Beginning in May 2007, the Association has elected to make the Trip Guide available online as a set of PDF files. You can find them on the official website here: www.oklahomaroute66.com/store.html

City Maps

Route 66-era inset maps are shown below for Tulsa and Oklahoma City.


Undated map of Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the map at right, Route 66 enters Tulsa from the east and proceeds along Eleventh Avenue. Near the town center, it jogged over to Tenth St for a short stretch, then back to Eleventh before crossing the Arkansas River.

A larger, more detailed version of this same map can be viewed in PDF format as well. The PDF also includes the three other insets below.

1957 inset map of Tulsa, Oklahoma

This map is dated 1957, and there is little change from the map above. However, US 75 was by this time a somewhat "improved" highway, and part of Route 66 west of the Arkansas River, where it runs concurrently with 75, is at this time divided highway.

A larger, more detailed version of this same map can be viewed in PDF format as well.

Oklahoma City

Undated map of Route 66 in Oklahoma City

In the undated map at right, Route 66 is by this time entering OKC from the northeast together with US 77. The map also shows state highway 66/77 (a narrower, less-improved road) entering from due north. This, of course, was an earlier alignment that by the time of this map had already been demoted in favor of an "improved" version.

Route 66 then skirts the northern edge of town, eventually finding its way to 39th St where it proceeds to exit the city limits to the west and on to Warr Acres.

Note that there is a "city" alignment at this time which enters the town proper from the north via Lincoln Blvd. This alignment, a carry-over from the earlier alignment alluded to in the first paragraph above, then turned west on 23rd St, then north on May, where it re-joined the primary alignment at 39th.

1957 inset map of Oklahoma City

This map is dated 1957, and by studying it one can tell that it is of later origin than the previous inset. By this time, the "modern" 66 alignment had been further improved to a divided highway. It continued as such until reaching Grand Blvd, at which point it reverted to a non-divided state. As in the earlier map above, 66 was by this point following 39th St just prior to exiting the western city limits.

View the PDF version.


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