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midpoint_cafe Texas-sized sign outside the Midpoint Cafe, Adrian, Texas. Here, you're about halfway between Chicago and Los Angeles. bluswal_03b Detail from the world-famous Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. cafe_tucum_03 Aging sign from the Ranch House Cafe of Tucumcari, New Mexico. pump Newberry Springs, California. williams Twisters, a Route 66-oriented shop in Williams, Arizona. seaba The Seaba Station, Warwick, Oklahoma. This building for many years was an automotive shop serving Route 66 motorists. chelsea_mtl Sign for the long-closed Chelsea Motel, Chelsea, Oklahoma. lastmotel First Motel in Texas - Last Motel in Texas. (Glenrio) udrop_rest The restored U Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas, now housing Chamber of Commerce offices. luther_store Storefront in the tiny town of Luther, Oklahoma. depew_drwy Depew, Oklahoma. bluedome The tophat Top Hat Dairy Bar, Foyil, Oklahoma. tbird_det Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Clinton, Oklahoma. elkcy_sta This re-creation of a 1920s-era drug store and filling station is on the grounds of the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma.