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bluswallneon The Blue Swallow Motel is a big part of what gives Tucumcari, New Mexico, some of the most authentic Route 66 atmosphere anywhere. 66bowl 66 Bowl, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. colortv At Finn's Motel, central Missouri. gallup_pawn Downtown Gallup, New Mexico. hamons This sign used to hang outside Lucille's store in Hydro. It served as a reminder that Lucille and her husband had operated a tourist court years earlier. hereitis Jackrabbit Trading Post, Joseph City, Arizona. il_signpost A roadsign in central Illinois. jimsconey Tulsa, Oklahoma. lincoln_mtl The Lincoln Motel still serves many a Mother Road traveler today. (Chandler, Oklahoma) rancho_sprmo Rancho Motel, Springfield, Missouri. This motel, like so many others, now sports a much less notable sign. rockcafe_neon Popular stopping place in Stroud, Oklahoma. sage_mtl Sage Motel, Needles, California. sanmonpier This recreational pier is just a short walk from the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica, California. skyliner The Skyliner Motel is in Stroud, Oklahoma. stefanichs Joliet, Illinois.