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66cts_sign The 66 Courts have been demolished since this photograph was taken. Groom, Texas. anns4 Ann's Chicken is on the west side of Oklahoma City, and features this mural. beergdn On old 66 in Springfield, Missouri. cactus_mtl Cactus Motel, southern California. capri1 The Capri Motel is in Duarte, California. cor_mtl Just east of the Chain-of-Rocks Bridge, on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. des_mtrs Car dealership in Victorville, California. diamonds1 Diamonds Restaurnant, Villa Ridge, Missouri. finns Still serving road-weary travelers in St. James, Missouri. green_acres This sign has since been utterly ruined by re-painting with a completely unrelated design. Afton, Oklahoma. henrys Henry's--It's a Meal in Itself. land_linc The Land of Lincoln Motel is in southwestern Illinois, just east of the Chain-of-Rocks Bridge. lewis_mtl The Lewis Motel is in Vinita, Oklahoma. mgold For years, this enormous advertising sign towered above 11th Street (old 66) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. munger3 Detail from the classic Munger Moss Motel sign in Lebanon, Missouri. resthaven The Rest Haven Court in Springfield, Missouri, features this vintage beauty in exceptionally fine condition.