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des_mkt Desert Market, Daggett, California. budville1 Budville Trading Post, Budville, New Mexico. cars_kgmn Car show at Kingman, Arizona, during the annual Arizona Fun Run. chan_sta Vintage pickup and Phillips station, Chandler, Oklahoma. dwight1 Gas station artifacts, Dwight, Illinois. elrancho_bar El Rancho Barstow Motel, Barstow, California. english The former English Motel, Amarillo, Texas. gardenway Gardenway Motel, Villa Ridge, Missouri. giftshop Dilapidated former gift shop, McLean, Texas. guyton Route 66 roadside, McLean, Texas. hberry Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, Arizona. hare_itis Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton, Illinois. hawg2 Motorcycle shop in Sayre, Oklahoma. kitchen Duarte, California. mcleansta2 Tiny Phillips station--the first of its kind in the state of Texas--in McLean. meramec Pair of advertising barns for Meramec Caverns, alongside I-44 in central Missouri.