Route 66 University Online Postcard Listing

Following is our list of online Route 66 postcards, alphabetized by description. You may click on any of the states below to restrict your results.

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101 Cafe and CuriosEdgewoodNM66
4-Acre CampLebanonMO59
66 Auto CourtSt. LouisMO65
66 Auto CourtSt LouisMO7
66 Cafe and MotelStauntonIL13
66 Court MotelFlagstaffAZ25
66 CourtsVinitaOK6
66 Hotel CourtLitchfieldIL19
66 MotelHolbrookAZ32
66 MotelFlagstaffAZ16
66 MotelFlagstaffAZ4
66 Motel and CafeHolbrookAZ44
66 Motel and CafeHolbrookAZ22
66 Terminal CourtStauntonIL13
A. H. Fidel Wholesale PotterySan FidelNM53
A. Lincoln MotelSpringfieldIL2
Abbylee MotelSpringfieldMO51
Ace-Hi MotelPasadenaCA59
Ace-Hi MotelPasadenaCA36
Acme CourtsAftonOK44
Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)LagunaNM41
Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)w of AlbuquerqueNM23
Adobe InnSanta RosaNM21
Aerial view of Meteor CraterWinslowAZ1
Aerial view of Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM21
Aerial view of Williams, ArizonaWilliamsAZ9
Albuquerque night view (neon)AlbuquerqueNM35
All States CourtGallupNM62
Along the Famous Route 66WaynesvilleNM17
Alpac CafePacificMO65
Alpine Court MotelFlagstaffAZ42
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM63
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM66
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Ama-Tone CourtAmarilloTX44
Amarillo Cottage CampAmarilloTX28
Amarillo FolderAmarilloTX42
Ambassador LodgeGallupNM66
Ambassador LodgeAlbuquerqueNM53
Ambassador LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Ambassador MotelGallupNM12
Amber Sky MotelFlagstaffAZ22
Amboy CraterAmboyCA34
America's Main Street postcard folder[none]MO20
American Bead CompanyEl RenoOK68
American CourtGallupNM46
American Meteorite Museums of Rimmy JimsAZ10
American Way Motor CourtSt. JamesMO66
Americana MotelSpringfieldMO23
Anchor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Andy's Modern Rock CottagesSpringfieldMO35
Annex Motel and CafeLitchfieldIL55
Apache LodgeAlbuquerqueNM39
Apache MotelTucumcariNM17
Arcadia LodgeKingmanAZ34
Arcadia LodgeKingmanAZ23
Arcadia LodgeKingmanAZ38
Arcadia LodgeKingmanAZ66
Arcadia LodgeKingmanAZ7
Arizona 66 sign beside highway[none]AZ4
Arizona RanchoHolbrookAZ32
Arizona State Linenear LuptonAZ21
Arrow (Strufe) MotelDwightIL33
Arrow Head CampGlorietaNM55
Arrow Head CampSanta FeNM40
Arrow MotelAmarilloTX46
Arrow MotelAmarilloTX66
Arrowhead LodgeFlagstaffAZ57
Arrowhead LodgeGallupNM42
Arrowhead Lodge MotelGallupNM8
Arrowhead Lodge MotelGallupNM41
Arrowhead MotelSpringfieldMO49
Arroyo Seco BridgePasadenaCA41
Arroyo Seco BridgePasadenaCA66
Arroyo Seco BridgePasadenaCA32
Arroyo Seco Bridge, 1920sPasadenaCA41
Art Institute of ChicagoChicagoIL42
Asian Arts Gift ShopTowandaIL22
Auto-Tel CourtAlbuquerqueNM66
Auto-Tel CourtAlbuquerqueNM51
Avalon CafeGallupNM65
Aztec LodgeAlbuquerqueNM63
Baker's CafeAftonOK23
Baldridge Motor CourtSpringfieldMO26
Bar X MotelAlbuquerqueNM28
Bar-B-Q Inn RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM51
Barstow city limitsBarstowCA68
Bauer's Ranch HouseSt LouisMO61
Baxter Modern CabinsBaxter SpringsKS49
Baxter Springs City HallBaxter SpringsKS69
Bazell Camp GroundWinslowAZ38
Bazell Modern CourtWinslowAZ49
Beach MotelAlbuquerqueNM26
Beacon MotelEl RenoOK66
Beacon MotelEl RenoOK24
Beacon MotelAllenton-PacificMO10
Beacon Motor HotelBarstowCA59
Beacon TavernBarstowCA51
Beacon Tavern and MotelBarstowCA31
Beautiful Missouri Ozarks (folder)[none]MO36
Bel-Air MotelTulsaOK36
Bel-Aire Manor MotelSpringfieldIL66
Bel-Aire Manor MotelSpringfieldIL64
Belaire MotelWilliamsAZ33
Bell Cafe, Cafeteria, and Bus StationRollaMO55
Bell HotelWaynesvilleMO49
Bell MotelKingmanAZ42
Bell MotelKingmanAZ14
Bell's MotelKingmanAZ2
Bella Vista MotelPasadenaCA32
Bella Vista Motor CourtPasadenaCA69
Ben Franklin MotelFlagstaffAZ67
Ben Franklin MotelFlagstaffAZ18
Ben Stanley's CafeMiamiOK42
Bender's CottagesAmboyCA24
Bender's Cottages (with interior views)AmboyCA25
Benson's Tourist Cityw of St ClairMO4
Benson's Tourist CitySt ClairMO51
Best Tourist CourtAmarilloTX23
Big Arrows Trading PostHouckAZ38
Big Arrows Trading PostHouckAZ66
Big Boy's Auto CourtSpringfieldMO62
Big Cut near Santa FeSanta FeNM34
Big Piney River at Devil's ElbowDevil's ElbowMO2
Billie Jo's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM41
Bird's Nest LodgeCubaMO30
Bird's-eye view of Kingman, Ariz.KingmanAZ57
Black Cat CafeFlagstaffAZ46
Blackie's CafeMoriartyNM13
Blackie's Cafe and CuriosMoriartyNM57
Blue Bonnet CourtSt LouisMO32
Blue Bonnet CourtSt LouisMO44
Blue Spruce LodgeGallupNM8
Blue Swallow MotelTucumcariNM22
Bob Johnson's CafeBloomingtonIL56
Bob Miller's RestaurantJoplinMO23
Bonanza MotelVegaTX41
Boodle's Mineral SpecimensGalenaKS35
Boodles Mineral SpecimensGalenaKS29
Boot CafeElk CityOK32
Boots CourtCarthageMO15
Boots CourtCarthageMO26
Boots Drive-in and Gift ShopCarthageMO49
Borden's RestaurantTulsaOK23
Boundary CoveNeedlesCA59
Bow & Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM20
Bow & Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM21
Bow and Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Bow and Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM4
Bowens CourtPasadenaCA69
Bowlin's Running IndianSanta RosaNM44
Bowlin's Running IndianSanta RosaNM48
Box Canyon Indian StoreGallupNM31
Boyer Hotel CourtOklahoma CityOK44
Boyer Hotel CourtOklahoma CityOK38
Boyer Hotel CourtOklahoma CityOK69
Brandin' Iron Motor HotelKingmanAZ22
Brandin' Iron Motor HotelKingmanAZ51
Bridge over Big Piney RiverWaynesvilleMO16
Britton CourtsBrittonOK33
Broadview Motor CourtSpringfieldIL29
Broncho LodgeAmarilloTX9
Broncho LodgeAmarilloTX20
Broncho Lodge and RestaurantAmarilloTX25
Buckaroo MotelTucumcariNM62
Buckaroo MotelTucumcariNM69
Buckles MotelLincolnIL15
Buckles MotelLincolnIL31
Buffalo Lick CampLaqueyMO57
Buffalo RanchAftonOK14
Buffalo RanchAftonOK26
Buffalo Ranch Trading PostAftonOK61
Bungalow CourtSpringfieldMO69
Bungalow CourtsAmarilloTX63
Burros in the street, Oatman, ArizonaOatmanAZ2
C & W CafeCarthageMO57
C. G. Wallace Indian TraderGallupNM54
Cactus Gardens (formerly Cobra Gdns)GrantsNM49
Cactus LodgeTucumcariNM10
Cactus MotelGallupNM32
Cactus MotelBarstowCA26
Cactus MotelMoriartyNM28
Cactus MotelGallupNM33
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM63
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM9
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM59
Cajon PassSan BernardinoCA13
Camp EldenFlagstaffAZ25
Camp Hi Lite MotelSt JamesMO39
Camp HutchisonOklahoma CityOK47
Camp JacksonOklahoma CityOK64
Camp LookoutAlbatrossMO59
Camp Rose Auto CourtSpringfieldMO66
Camp TownsendFlagstaffAZ42
Campbell's CafeElk CityOK15
Capistrano CourtsBaxter SpringsKS44
Capitol building, Oklahoma CityOklahoma CityOK41
Capitol CourtsOklahoma CityOK33
Capitol MotelSpringfieldIL28
Capri MotelAlbuquerqueNM51
Carlyle MotelOklahoma CityOK46
Carney Manor InnRollaMO37
Carpenter's RestaurantSanta AnitaCA66
Carrico CourtAlbuquerqueNM66
Carrico CourtsAlbuquerqueNM26
Carty's Camp CottagesNeedlesCA24
Casa Del DesiertoBarstowCA69
Casa Grande LodgeAlbuquerqueNM38
Casa Grande LodgeAlbuquerqueNM22
Casa Grande MotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Casa Janara RestaurantArcadiaCA38
Casa Linda CafeKingmanAZ14
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM32
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM32
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM31
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM53
Casa Linda Court (lobby view)GallupNM32
Casa Linda MotelGallupNM46
Castle KourtJoplinMO38
Castle KourtJoplinMO24
Cecil's SteakhouseAmarilloTX44
Cedar Crest CampLebanonMO69
Cedro Canyoneast of AlbuquerqueNM40
Central Auto CourtHolbrookAZ56
Central AvenueAlbuquerqueNM38
Central Avenue (night view)AlbuquerqueNM57
Central Avenue and Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM46
Central Avenue neonAlbuquerqueNM30
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM44
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Central Avenue, downtown AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM56
Central Avenue, downtown AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Chain of Rocks BridgeSt LouisMO28
Chain of Rocks BridgeSt LouisMO42
Chambless CampChamblessCA69
Chenoa MotelChenoaIL39
Cherokee Restaurant and Trading PostClintonOK66
Cherokee Trading PostEl RenoOK12
Cheshire MotorsWilliamsAZ24
Chester Cafe and Cooke Service StationCubaMO17
Chicken in the Rough[none]63
Chief MotelHolbrookAZ9
Chief MotelHolbrookAZ26
Circle K CourtAlbuquerqueNM41
Circle K MotelAlbuquerqueNM51
Circle S MotelTucumcariNM33
Circle S MotelTucumcariNM44
City Center MotelHolbrookAZ35
City Hall, Santa RosaSanta RosaNM55
Civic Drive-In CafeWebb CityMO64
Civic Theater and Drive-in CafeWebb CityMO69
Claremore Motor InnClaremoreOK31
Clark MotelPasadenaCA69
Clark MotelPasadenaCA41
Classen CafeteriaOklahoma CityOK46
Clay CourtsShamrockTX4
Clines Corners (aerial view)Clines CornersNM34
Clines Corners gas-cafe-curios complexClines CornersNM16
Clines Corners tourist complexClines CornersNM16
Clock Inn MotelOklahoma CityOK35
Clock Inn MotelOklahoma CityOK22
Cloverleaf MotelLebanonMO39
Cloverleaf MotelLebanonMO49
Club CafeSanta RosaNM68
Club Cafe and Cafe CuriosSanta RosaNM31
Club Cafe and CuriosSanta RosaNM64
Cobra GardensGrantsNM7
Coleman TheaterMiamiOK67
Colonial CourtsAmarilloTX69
Colonial MotelGallupNM7
Colonial MotelGallupNM21
Colonial MotelAzusaCA67
Colonial MotelGallupNM2
Colonial Village CabinsRollaMO62
Colonial Village HotelRollaMO27
Colorado Blvd Business DistrictPasadenaCA63
Colorado River bridges[none]13
Colorado River Bridges[none]38
Comfort LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Conchas HotelTucumcariNM51
Conchas MotelTucumcariNM56
Conchas Motor LodgeTucumcariNM69
Conchas Motor LodgeTucumcariNM15
Cook's CourtTulsaOK44
Cook's CourtTulsaOK27
Cook's Court Trav-O-TelTulsaOK4
Cooksey CourtAlbuquerqueNM55
Cool Springs Campw of KingmanAZ46
Cool Springs Campw of KingmanAZ63
Coppedge PharmacyDePewOK63
Copper Cart RestaurantSeligmanAZ70
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO49
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO10
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO42
Coronado CourtKingmanAZ44
Coronado Court (Gypsy Garden Ct.)KingmanAZ68
Coronado CourtsAmarilloTX53
Coronado LodgeAlbuquerqueNM6
Corral Drive-in RestaurantSpringfieldMO60
Cortez Motor CourtsSpringfieldMO38
Country Club CourtAlbuquerqueNM4
Court CafeAlbuquerqueNM70
Court Mar-KayNorth MiamiOK45
Court UniqueSeligmanAZ14
Cozy CourtClaremoreOK63
Cozy Dog Drive-In RestaurantSpringfieldIL2
Crest-Hi RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM57
Crozier Canyon[none]AZ65
Cunningham Floral CompanyAmarilloTX2
Da-Jo MotelPontiacIL33
Daniel B MotelGlendoraCA18
Davis Auto CourtAlbuquerqueNM44
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM46
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM9
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM19
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM11
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM8
De Luxe CourtsSpringfieldMO13
De Luxe CourtsOklahoma CityOK23
De Luxe CourtsOklahoma CityOK38
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX51
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX28
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX33
Del Rhea LodgeNeedlesCA15
Del Sue Motor InnWilliamsAZ4
Del Webb's Highway HouseFlagstaffAZ38
Del Webb's Hiway HouseAlbuquerqueNM53
Del's RestaurantTucumcariNM51
Delta MotelWinslowAZ27
Delta MotelSayreOK59
Derby MotelArcadiaCA64
Desert Air MotelTucumcariNM46
Desert Art SupplyChambersAZ56
Desert Hills MotelTulsaOK33
Desert InnNeedlesCA32
Desert Inn MotelNeedlesCA70
Desert Inn Tourist HotelAlbuquerqueNM53
Desert Skies MotelGallupNM49
Desert Star MotelYuccaAZ70
Desert View LodgeHolbrookAZ35
Devil's Bathtub, Meramec CavernsStantonMO1
Devil's Elbow CafeDevil's ElbowMO42
Devil's Elbow CafeDevil's ElbowMO65
Devil's Elbow Cafe (interior)Devil's ElbowMO70
Diamond's RestaurantVilla RidgeMO17
Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO31
Diamonds RestaurantMO46
Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO11
Diamonds Restaurant and CabinsVilla RidgeMO31
Ding How RestaurantAmarilloTX39
Dinosaur CavernsDinosaur ParkAZ38
Dinosaur Park - Dinosaur Caverns[none]AZ40
Dixie Truckers HomeMcLeanIL46
Doc's Cafe (interior)SpringfieldMO58
Doc's PlaceSpringfieldMO70
Dolores Sandwich MillOklahoma CityOK70
Don MotelOklahoma CityOK56
Don MotelOklahoma CityOK70
Double horseshoe curveOatmanAZ15
Dowell's Saratoga CafeAmarilloTX53
Down-Town Auto CourtLos AngelesCA69
Downtown Albuquerque, N. Mex.AlbuquerqueNM27
Downtown BarstowBarstowCA51
Downtown Barstow, CaliforniaBarstowCA55
Downtown Barstow, CaliforniaBarstowCA38
Downtown Barstow, CaliforniaBarstowCA22
Downtown Baxter Springs, KansasBaxter SpringsKS23
Downtown FlagstaffFlagstaffAZ34
Downtown Flagstaff (Santa Fe Street)FlagstaffAZ48
Downtown Flagstaff, ArizonaFlagstaffAZ14
Downtown Flagstaff, ArizonaFlagstaffAZ39
Downtown Flagstaff, ArizonaFlagstaffAZ23
Downtown Gallup, New MexicoGallupNM37
Downtown Gallup, New MexicoGallupNM13
Downtown Grants, New MexicoGrantsNM23
Downtown Holbrook, ArizonaHolbrookAZ39
Downtown Holbrook, ArizonaHolbrookAZ30
Downtown Joliet, IllinoisJolietIL41
Downtown Kingman, ArizonaKingmanAZ1
Downtown Kingman, ArizonaKingmanAZ7
Downtown Kingman, ArizonaKingmanAZ39
Downtown MotelTulsaOK2
Downtown Needles street sceneNeedlesCA34
Downtown Needles, CaliforniaNeedlesCA25
Downtown Oatman street sceneOatmanAZ60
Downtown Oatman, ArizonaOatmanAZ5
Downtown Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM8
Downtown Victorville, CaliforniaVictorvilleCA12
Downtown Victorville, CaliforniaVictorvilleCA28
Downtown Victorville, CaliforniaVictorvilleCA55
Downtown Victorville, CaliforniaVictorvilleCA7
Downtown WinslowWinslowAZ57
Downtown Winslow, ArizonaWinslowAZ40
Downtown Winslow, ArizonaWinslowAZ3
Downtowner MotelWilliamsAZ70
Downtowner Motor InnAlbuquerqueNM31
Drumm's Auto CourtWinslowAZ10
Dudley's Cabins and ServiceSt. LouisMO64
Dutch MotelAlbuquerqueNM70
Earl's CafeGallupNM19
East 7th Street MotelJoplinMO61
Eat-More RestaurantUplandCA64
Eaton's Santa Anita Motor InnArcadiaCA62
Ed Galloway in his Fiddle HouseFoyilOK28
Ed Galloway in his WorkshopFoyilOK71
Edwiin Long HotelRollaMO56
El Acapulco RestauranteWinslowAZ44
El Capitan MotelGallupNM6
El Capitan MotelGallupNM32
El Charrito CafeOklahoma CityOK29
El Don MotelAlbuquerqueNM70
El Don MotelAlbuquerqueNM58
El Jardin LodgeAlbuquerqueNM28
El Navajo Hotel (Fred Harvey)GallupNM2
El Oriente CourtAlbuquerqueNM70
El Pueblo Motor CourtFlagstaffAZ60
El Pueblo Motor CourtFlagstaffAZ16
El Pueblo Motor InnFlagstaffAZ64
El Rancho Barstow MotelBarstowCA16
El Rancho HotelGallupNM47
El Rancho HotelGallupNM35
El Rancho HotelGallupNM70
El Rancho HotelGallupNM35
El Rancho Hotel (dining room)GallupNM68
El Rancho Hotel interior (lobby)GallupNM19
El Rancho Hotel lobbyGallupNM19
El Rancho Hotel/MotelGallupNM8
El Rancho Hotel/MotelGallupNM12
El Rancho MotelNeedlesCA57
El Rancho Motor HotelBarstowCA20
El Rancho Restaurant and MotelBarstowCA16
El Rey CourtAlbuquerqueNM58
El Trovatore AutelKingmanAZ15
El Trovatore CafeKingmanAZ9
El Trovatore CourtKingmanAZ14
El Vado CourtAlbuquerqueNM25
El Vado CourtAlbuquerqueNM19
El Vado MotelAlbuquerqueNM19
Elite CourtsAmarilloTX55
Elite MotelAmarilloTX4
Ella's Frontier Trading PostJoseph CityAZ67
Elmhurst MotelSpringfieldMO70
Elms MotelJoplinMO59
Entre RestaurantWinslowAZ26
Escalante HotelAsh ForkAZ37
Escalante Hotel (interior)Ash ForkAZ55
Evergreen CabinsSt LouisMO9
Fair Grounds MotelAlbuquerqueNM18
Fairgrounds MotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Falcon RestaurantWinslowAZ54
Falcon RestaurantWinslowAZ42
Fast Fanny's PlaceOatmanAZ15
Fenix CourtJoplinMO27
Fiesta MotelPontiacIL38
Fiesta Motel and CafePontiacIL34
Figueroa Street TunnelsLos AngelesCA53
Fisher's RestaurantPasadenaCA11
Fisher's RestaurantPasadenaCA18
Fishing is Great HereWaynesvilleMO60
Flamingo MotelOklahoma CityOK26
Flamingo MotelFlagstaffAZ13
Flamingo Motel and RestaurantElk CityOK54
Fleetwood RestaurantSpringfieldIL34
Flying C RanchMoriartyNM36
Flying C Ranch[none]NM12
Flying C RanchClines CornersNM53
Forest Hill CourtAmarilloTX54
Forest MotelHolbrookAZ36
Forest MotelHolbrookAZ67
Forest MotelHolbrookAZ70
Fort CourageHouckAZ36
Foster's Steak HouseOklahoma CityOK64
Four-lane segment in the Missouri Ozarks[none]MO33
Fourth StreetAlbuquerqueNM64
Fox Springs LodgeCubaMO35
Fox Springs LodgeCubaMO51
Franciscan LodgeGrantsNM71
Franciscan LodgeGrantsNM24
Frankoma PotterySapulpaOK24
Frankoma PotterySapulpaOK47
Frankoma Pottery interiorSapulpaOK42
Fray Marcos HotelWilliamsAZ47
Fray Marcos HotelWilliamsAZ64
Fred Harvey Indian Building (interior)AlbuquerqueNM60
Friend's Coffee ShopLudlowCA44
Front Street, downtown KingmanKingmanAZ17
Frontier CityOklahoma CityOK60
Frontier LodgeAlbuquerqueNM53
Frontier LodgeAlbuquerqueNM71
Frontier MotelMiamiOK53
Frontier MotelMiamiOK2
Frontier MotelFlagstaffAZ4
Frontier MotelTulsaOK44
Fun Fair Park and Chain of Rocks bridgeSt LouisMO28
Gabrielle's KitchenWinslowAZ47
Gan's Gift ShopHookerMO38
Garbage Can CafeMarshfieldMO31
Gardenway MotelGray's SummitMO4
Garland's Drive-In RestaurantOklahoma CityOK45
George B. Cathcart's CafeEdwardsvilleIL55
Gerwe's Log Cabin CafeEurekaMO40
Gibson's Chix FryFlagstaffAZ46
Gibson's CourtChandlerOK7
Glancy CourtsClintonOK27
Glen Mae MotelStroudOK71
Glenbardo CourtsCommerceOK2
Gold RoadKingmanAZ15
Golden Drumstick RestaurantFlagstaffAZ60
Golden Drumstick RestaurantTulsaOK45
Golden Spread MotelGroomTX71
Golden W MotelTucumcariNM34
Goodnight Trail marker[none]NM40
Grand Canyon Caverns[none]AZ56
Grand Canyon Court and StationWilliamsAZ34
Grand MotelPasadenaCA62
Grand MotelWilliamsAZ21
Grand MotelPasadenaCA31
Grande CourtAmarilloTX57
Grande CourtAmarilloTX28
Grande CourtsSullivanMO7
Grande CourtsSullivanMO63
Grande CourtsTucumcariNM57
Grande Tourist CourtAmarilloTX51
Grande Tourist CourtAmarilloTX47
Granot LodgeClintonOK18
Grants CafeGrantsNM71
Grants Motor LodgeGrantsNM7
Green Spot MotelVictorvilleCA11
Greeting from GrantsGrantsNM8
Greetings from AmarilloAmarilloTX47
Greetings from Barstow, CaliforniaBarstowCA29
Greetings from FlagstaffFlagstaffAZ6
Greetings from GallupGallupNM2
Greetings from Gallup, N.M. (map)GallupNM57
Greetings from Highway 66[none]NM57
Greetings from JoplinJoplinMO52
Greetings from Los AngelesLos AngelesCA45
Greetings from PasadenaPasadenaCA54
Greetings from Rolla, MissouriRollaMO25
Greetings from San BernardinoSan BernardinoCA40
Greetings from Santa RosaSanta RosaNM3
Greetings from St LouisSt LouisMO3
Greetings from the Painted Desert[none]AZ71
Greetings from TucumcariTucumcariNM21
Greetings from Waynesville, MissouriWaynesvilleMO30
Grill, theElk CityOK59
Griswold's RestaurantClaremontCA16
Grotto at Catholic CemeteryCanuteOK59
Grotto CourtsTulsaOK59
Grotto CourtsTulsaOK1
Gulf Station at Clines CornersClines CornersNM4
Gwinn's Restaurant and Drive-InPasadenaCA20
H V MotelSpringfieldIL28
Hacienda Motel and RestaurantWilliamsAZ30
Hacienda RestaurantWilliamsAZ51
HaHaTonka State ParkLebanonMO67
Hall's RestaurantTucumcariNM47
Happy Angler InnOklahoma CityOK71
Harbor Cafe and Cabinse of LebanonMO9
Harvard House MotelHollywoodCA65
Harvey House (map/mileage)[none]11
Harvey House location postcard[none]23
Haven MotelSpringfieldIL33
Heart of the Ozarks MotelSpringfieldMO12
Hensley's CafeEl RenoOK36
Here We Are Along Route 66 (folder)[none]21
Hi-Line MotelAsh ForkAZ71
Hi-Way Host MotelPasadenaCA52
High Hill Tourist CourtBourbonMO41
Highlander MotelWilliamsAZ8
Highlander MotelWilliamsAZ14
Highlander MotelWilliamsAZ29
Highway scene in Oklahoma[none]OK1
Highway U.S. 66 Through New Mexico[none]NM6
Hik'ry Pit Bar-B-QOklahoma CityOK25
Hiland MotelFlagstaffAZ14
Hill Top CourtAlbuquerqueNM47
Hill's CafeVegaTX71
Hill's MotelAmarilloTX45
Hillcrest MotelBarstowCA36
Hillcrest MotelKingmanAZ52
Hillcrest MotelAmarilloTX71
Hillcrest MotelKingmanAZ47
Hilliard's Character DollsSt ClairMO29
Hinton Junction tourist complex[none]OK58
Holbrook MotelHolbrookAZ21
Holiday Inn HotelJoplinMO51
Holiday MotelTucumcariNM36
Hollon MotelBarstowCA7
Hollon MotelBarstowCA11
Hollon MotelBarstowCA14
Holloway MotelHollywoodCA30
Home Eddy, near Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO1
Home on the Range MotelClintonOK19
Honey Dew Drive InnAlbuquerqueNM25
Hong Kong RestaurantAmarilloTX8
Hooker Cute of WaynesvilleMO8
Hooker Cut, central MissouriHookerMO36
Horn Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM34
Horseshoe Curve, near Oatman, Ariz.OatmanAZ15
Hotel CubaCubaMO49
Hotel CubaCubaMO14
Hotel RandleTucumcariNM28
Hotel VinitaVinitaOK40
Hotel Will Rogers (bath house)ClaremoreOK61
Howdy from Amarillo, TexasAmarilloTX26
Howdy from Shamrock, TexasShamrockTX15
Howdy from the Golden Spread of Texas[none]TX28
Hoyt's RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM4
Huffman's Ozark SouvenirsStraffordMO65
Hull's Colonial VillageRollaMO56
Hull's MotelWilliamsAZ21
Hull's MotelWilliamsAZ28
Hurst LodgeChandlerOK59
Hwy 66 crossing Big Piney RiverWaynesvilleMO15
Iceberg CafeAlbuquerqueNM3
Indian Center Indian Store[none]AZ29
Inscription RockGallupNM3
It'll Do InnGrantsNM65
Ivy MotelSt LouisMO39
Ivy MotelSt LouisMO54
Jackrabbit Trading PostJoseph CityAZ71
Jackson CourtsOklahoma CityOK29
Jacob's Trailer CourtShamrockTX5
Jade RestaurantKingmanAZ17
Jade RestaurantKingmanAZ16
Jean's CafeOklahoma CityOK30
Jesse's CafeAdrianTX47
Jim's RestaurantVinitaOK57
Jue's RestaurantWinslowAZ45
Junge's Bakery ProductsJoplinMO39
Kachina figureGallupNM20
Kaibab Motor LodgeWilliamsAZ11
Katson's Drive-In RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM34
Kel-Lake MotelCarthageMO65
Kelly MotelShamrockTX22
Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM42
Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM10
King Bros. MotelSt. LouisMO71
King Brothers MotelSt LouisMO16
Kingman MotelKingmanAZ24
Kingman MotelKingmanAZ60
Kiowa Cafe-Motel-Curiosw of AlbuquerqueNM18
Ko Ko MotelJoplinMO43
Koronado Hotel KourtsJoplinMO36
Kurt's KourtClaremoreOK6
L & L MotelBloomingtonIL24
L MotelFlagstaffAZ60
L MotelFlagstaffAZ47
L MotelFlagstaffAZ71
L Z CourtWinslowAZ27
L Z MotelWinslowAZ58
La Bajada HillAlbuquerqueNM3
La Bajada Hill Switchbacksnear Santa FeNM39
La Cita RestaurantTucumcariNM41
La Cita RestaurantTucumcariNM49
La Hacienda CourtGallupNM46
La Loma MotelSanta RosaNM63
La Puerta LodgeAlbuquerqueNM11
La Siesta LodgeGallupNM13
La Siesta MotelBarstowCA9
La Siesta MotelWinslowAZ12
Lake of the Ozarks map[none]MO40
Lake Shore MotelCarthageMO65
Lakeview Motelw of Oklahoma CityOK23
Lamplighter MotelSpringfieldIL64
Landscape at GoldroadsGoldroadsAZ36
Lane MotelFlagstaffAZ45
Largest Covered Wagon in the WorldAlbuquerqueNM49
Lariat LodgeGrantsNM23
Lariat LodgeMoriartyNM49
Lariat LodgeGallupNM71
Lariat LodgeGallupNM46
Lasso MotelTucumcariNM71
Le Mae MotelSan BernardinoCA43
Leatherwood Manor MotelTucumcariNM23
Lela Mae CourtAmarilloTX47
Lela Mae CourtsAmarilloTX36
Leonard's Fine FoodsAlbuquerqueNM47
Leonard's RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM32
Lexington CafeLexingtonIL52
Lin's CafeTucumcariNM25
Lincoln County CourthouseChandlerOK42
Lincoln CourtsOklahoma CityOK52
Lincoln MotelChandlerOK47
Little King's Hotel CourtJoplinMO57
Lockwood CafeKingmanAZ45
Log Cabin CourtGallupNM19
Log Cabin LodgeGallupNM13
Log Cabin LodgeGallupNM15
Log CityCarthageMO30
Log City Campe of CarthageMO29
Loma Verde MotelAlbuquerqueNM9
Lone Star CottagesSpringfieldMO40
Longchamp RestaurantAmarilloTX16
Longchamp Restaurant (interior)AmarilloTX29
Longhorn Ranche of MoriartyNM5
Longhorn Ranchnear MoriartyNM62
Longhorn Ranche of AlbuquerqueNM54
Longhorn Ranch[none]NM13
Longpre auto dealershipMonroviaCA43
Ludlow CafeLudlowCA27
Lumberjack CafeFlagstaffAZ15
Luna Lodge and Coffee ShopAlbuquerqueNM20
Madison MotelJoplinMO60
Madonna of the Trail MonumentUplandCA1
Madonna of the Trail monumentUplandCA39
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM45
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM49
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM43
Major CourtOklahoma CityOK69
Manhattan CafeGallupNM67
Manhattan Dinner HouseSpringfieldMO20
Manor MotelJolietIL21
Map of Route 66[none]37
Mark Twain MotelWaynesvilleMO14
Martin MotelRollaMO1
Martin MotelRollaMO7
Mary Thomas RestaurantAmarilloTX27
Matyn CourtOklahoma CityOK68
Maverick RestaurantShamrockTX35
Mayflower MotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Mayo MotelLos AngelesCA52
McCoy MotelElk CityOK21
McGinnis Sho-Me CourtsSt ClairMO18
McLean--on U.S. 66McLeanTX20
Meadows RestaurantTucumcariNM40
Meadows Steak HouseOklahoma CityOK68
Meramac RiverStantonMO60
Meramec CavernsStantonMO52
Meramec Caverns (entrance)StantonMO30
Meramec Caverns (interior)StantonMO49
Meramec Caverns (Jesse James cabin)StantonMO33
Meramec Caverns (Wine Room)StantonMO11
Meramec Caverns entranceStantonMO67
Meramec SpringsSt JamesMO56
Mesa CafeLexingtonIL43
Mesa Encantada (Enchanted Mesa)[none]NM70
Meteor Crater ObservatoryRimmy JimsAZ25
Meteor Crater shaft house ruinsRimmy JimsAZ65
Milan MotelGrantsNM36
Miller's MarketDevil's ElbowMO11
Minton LodgeAlbuquerqueNM19
Mission Auto CourtSan BernardinoCA48
Mission Auto CourtSan BernardinoCA53
Mission ChurchManuelitoNM33
Missouri 66 Postcard Folder[none]MO7
Model MotelAmarilloTX1
Mojave River BridgeVictorvilleCA8
Mon-Arc MotelMonroviaCA55
Monrovia Motor LodgeMonroviaCA27
Monte Vista HotelFlagstaffAZ43
Monterey CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Monterey LodgePasadenaCA27
Monterey MotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Moon MotelAlbuquerqueNM55
Morrison MotelClintonOK30
Motel 66San BernardinoCA53
Motel 66San BernardinoCA33
Motel ConwayEl RenoOK54
Motel ConwayEl RenoOK33
Motel RoyalSt LouisMO45
Motel VinitaVinitaOK40
Motor Inn MotelElk CityOK24
Motoraunt Coffee ShopHolbrookAZ30
Mountain Lodgee of AlbuquerqueNM16
Mountain Lodgee of AlbuquerqueNM12
Mr Boodle Lane[none]39
Mt Taylor and Enchanted MesaGrantsNM43
Mt Vernon Auto MotelSan BernardinoCA43
Mt Vernon Auto MotelSan BernardinoCA25
Mt Williams CourtWilliamsAZ32
Mt Williams Motor CourtWilliamsAZ40
Mule Trading PostRollaMO60
Munger Moss MotelLebanonMO12
Museum of the Old West[none]NM43
Museum of the Old WestSeligmanAZ33
Nackard Inn MotelFlagstaffAZ60
National Old Trails HighwayPeach SpringsAZ5
National Old Trails HighwayOatmanAZ15
Native Americans on paradeGallupNM42
Navajo MotelWinslowAZ55
Navajo MotelNavajoAZ16
Needles city hallNeedlesCA37
Neff's Liquor and TobaccoJoplinMO61
Nelson Dream VillageLebanonMO26
Nelson TavernLebanonMO10
Nelson Tavern (interior)LebanonMO21
Nelson Tavern and Service StationLebanonMO5
Nelson's Cabin CampHamelIL61
Nelson's Dream VillageLebanonMO64
New Haven CourtSpringfieldMO43
New Motel St LouisSt Louis (Robertson)MO17
Night view of Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM17
Nod-A-While Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM62
Nomad MotelAsh ForkAZ65
Normandy MotelPacificMO45
Norris MotelWilliamsAZ47
Northern Aire MotelSpringfieldIL52
Northern Arizona Folder[none]AZ42
Novelty Housew of RollaMO30
Nu-Homa MotelOklahoma CityOK67
Oak Grove Lodgeeast of SpringfieldMO52
Oak Park MotelMonroviaCA6
Oasis MotelSanta RosaNM19
Oklahoma Capitol with oil derricksOklahoma CityOK65
Oklahoma Joe's CafeAlbuquerqueNM24
Old Town AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM8
Otto's Motel CourtsSpringfieldMO43
Owl CourtsBrittenOK62
Owl Rockw of AlbuquerqueNM1
Ozark MotelWebb CityMO59
Ozark MotelWebb CityMO19
Ozark Rock CuriosSt ClairMO30
Pacific BluffsPacificMO52
Pacific BluffsPacificMO32
Painted Desert[none]AZ17
Painted Desert and Hopi Indians[none]AZ52
Painted Desert Inne of HolbrookAZ1
Painted Desert Inne of HolbrookAZ43
Painted Desert Inn[none]AZ61
Palms, theNeedlesCA60
Palo Duro MotelAmarilloTX48
Palomino MotelTucumcariNM53
Palomino MotelTucumcariNM31
Paradise MotelLos AngelesCA63
Paradise MotelTucumcariNM40
Paradise MotelTucumcariNM6
Paramount CafeGallupNM61
Paramount CafeGallupNM24
Park Plaza CourtSt LouisMO60
Park Plaza MotelFlagstaffAZ37
Park Plaza MotelAmarilloTX14
Park Plaza Motels[multiple]35
Park-O-TellOklahoma CityOK22
Park-O-TellOklahoma CityOK5
Park-O-TellOklahoma CityOK22
Park-O-TellOklahoma CityOK48
Patio Jim'sSan BernardinoCA5
Pedicone's Restaurant and LoungeLyonsIL59
Pennie's General StoreFlagstaffAZ10
Perkins Tourist Campw of St LouisMO37
Pete's CafeGallupNM61
Petrified Foreste of HolbrookAZ1
Petrified Forest entrywaye of HolbrookAZ1
Phelps Oil and Grande CabinsRollaMO40
Phillips CourtsEl RenoOK43
Pig Stand CafeAlbuquerqueNM36
Pigeon Ranch/Glorieta WellGlorieta PassNM63
Pine Springs CampWilliamsAZ34
Pinon LodgeAlbuquerqueNM14
Plainsman MotelAmarilloTX18
Plainsman MotelAmarilloTX41
Plainsman Motel and RestaurantHolbrookAZ34
Plainsman Motel and RestaurantAmarilloTX67
Plaza MotelJoplinMO54
Plaza MotelElk CityOK48
Poland's Modern CourtSpringfieldIL67
Pony Soldier MotelTucumcariNM22
Pop Hicks RestaurantClintonOK24
Pop Hicks Restaurant (interior)ClintonOK22
Porter's NurseryOklahoma CityOK68
Pottery RanchMonroviaCA53
Powellviille Restaurant and CabinsPowellvilleMO10
Prairie Travler MotelBloomingtonIL48
Premiere MotelAlbuquerqueNM3
Premiere MotelAlbuquerqueNM48
Priddy's RestaurantOklahoma CityOK65
Public park at end of Route 66Santa MonicaCA1
Pueblo Bonito CourtAlbuquerqueNM20
Pueblo Bonito CourtAlbuquerqueNM43
Pueblo CourtAmarilloTX31
Qumacho Cafe and MotelPeach SpringsAZ45
Radio City Tourist MotelHollywoodCA21
Rail Haven MotelSpringfieldMO27
Rail Haven Motor CourtSpringfieldMO6
Rambler MotelShamrockTX40
Rambler MotelShamrockTX67
Rambler RestaurantShamrockTX10
Ranch 66 MotelAmarilloTX67
Ranch House MotelHolbrookAZ48
Ranch House Royal MotelTucumcariNM10
Ranchito MotelKingmanAZ56
Ranchito MotelGallupNM53
Ranchito MotelKingmanAZ12
Rancho MotelSpringfieldMO35
Rancho MotelSpringfieldMO25
Ranger MotelEl RenoOK48
Ranger MotelShamrockTX26
Rattlesnake Trading PostBluewaterNM56
Reg and Andy's CafeRollaMO45
Rest Haven CourtSpringfieldMO43
Rest Haven CourtSpringfieldMO60
Rest Haven Motor CourtSpringfieldMO37
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX48
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX6
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX63
Rio Puerco Trading PostNM68
River Valley Motor LodgeNeedlesCA35
Roadrunner Motel and CafeGallupNM24
Roadrunner Restaurante of AmboyCA45
Roadside overlook shelterPacificMO35
Roadway viewFlagstaffAZ64
Rock Court MotelLebanonMO20
Rock Court MotelLebanonMO7
Rock Fountain Court (Melinda)SpringfieldMO6
Rock of Ages mineral shopCommerceOK65
Rock View CourtSpringfieldMO58
Rock Village CourtSpringfieldMO5
Rock Village Motor CourtSpringfieldMO13
Rocket MotelJoplinMO11
Rockwood Court and CafeSpringfieldMO39
Rolla Rancho MotelRollaMO11
Rolla, Missouri outskirtsRollaMO27
Rosewood Steak HouseSpringfieldIL48
Rossi's MotelBraidwoodIL39
Roubidoux and Gasconade Riversnear WaynesvilleMO52
Round Up CafeElk CityOK61
Round Up MotelArcadiaCA22
Round-Up MotelClaremoreOK6
Route 66 and Interstate 40[none]NM59
Roy Rogers MuseumVictorvilleCA27
Roy's Bar-B-QJoplinMO55
Roy's Cafe and MotelAmboyCA31
Roy's Motel and CafeAmboyCA66
Royal MotelOklahoma CityOK37
Royce CafeEdmondOK63
Royce CafeEdmondOK48
Rt 66 between Oatman and Kingman, Ariz.OatmanAZ19
Rusk Haven MotelBloomingtonIL45
Rusk Haven MotelBloomingtonIL12
Sage MotelBarstowCA52
Sage MotelNeedlesCA68
Sahara Sands MotelAmarilloTX18
San Felipe de Neri ChurchAlbuquerqueNM46
Sandia MotelAlbuquerqueNM48
Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM17
Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM3
Sands MotelVegaTX31
Sands MotelTulsaOK21
Santa Anita Motor InnArcadiaCA48
Santa Monica PierSanta MonicaCA52
Santa Rosa city limit (sign)Santa RosaNM20
Satellite MotelSpringfieldMO35
Scenic Hiway 66 postcard folder[none]NM15
Scenic River View near WaynesvilleWaynesvilleMO8
Scherer's CafeSt JamesMO45
Schuman's Motor CityRollaMO25
Schuman's Tourist CityRollaMO62
Schuman's Tourist CityRollaMO37
Service Station at Two GunsTwo GunsAZ28
Shalimar MotelGallupNM18
Shamrock CourtSullivanMO5
Shamrock CourtShamrockTX17
Shamrock CourtTucumcariNM18
Shangri-La RestaurantSt LouisMO19
Sheridan Hills MotelTulsaOK17
Siesta MotelKingmanAZ49
Silver Spur MotelAmarilloTX52
Silver Spur MotelAmarilloTX29
Sinclair Pennant HotelsRollaMO37
Skyline MotelAmarilloTX52
Skyline MotelFlagstaffAZ68
Skyline MotelAmarilloTX18
Skyview MotelBarstowCA32
Sleepy Hollow CourtAlbuquerqueNM63
Sleepy Hollow CourtAlbuquerqueNM54
Smith Brothers MotelSt LouisMO61
Smith's MotelAmarilloTX37
Smith's MotelAmarilloTX10
Snell's CafeSullivanMO65
Sooner State KourtMiamiOK30
South Sixth Street BridgeSpringfieldIL6
Southern View MotelSpringfieldIL37
Southwestern MotelWeatherfordOK18
Spanish CourtsAmarilloTX37
Spot Cafew of San BernardinoCA17
Spring RiverCarthageMO12
Springfield Motor CourtSpringfieldMO24
Spur MotelFlagstaffAZ48
Squaw Tit Mountain[none]AZ58
Star CourtsElk CityOK6
Star CourtsYukonOK37
Star CourtsElk CityOK58
Stardust MotelSayreOK8
Steve's CafeChenoaIL4
Stony Wold MotelKingmanAZ5
Street scene in Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO9
Street scene, Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO10
Street scene, Needles, CaliforniaNeedlesCA30
Sun 'n Sand MotelSanta RosaNM26
Sunrise MotelSullivanMO61
Sunset and Skyline MotelsAmarilloTX68
Sunset CourtSpringfieldMO59
Sunset LodgeGallupNM61
Sunset MotelAmarilloTX7
Sunset MotelSt ClairMO24
Sunset MotelAmarilloTX16
Suntide Inn MotelOklahoma CityOK61
Supai MotelSeligmanAZ7
Surf MotelSanta RosaNM13
Swain's MotelNeedlesCA12
Swain's MotelNeedlesCA58
Swayze's Dinner Bell RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM58
Sweeney's Steak HouseBourbonMO64
Switchback on old Route 66OatmanAZ6
Taira's Restaurant & Motor InnGallupNM19
Ted's Motor CourtSpringfieldMO11
TeePee CuriosTucumcariNM3
Temple MotelLos AngelesCA10
Tewa LodgeAlbuquerqueNM68
Tewa LodgeAlbuquerqueNM17
Texas Ann CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Texas Ann CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Texas Ann MotelAlbuquerqueNM11
Texas Ann MotelAlbuquerqueNM17
The Brown Derby, Los AngelesLos AngelesCA2
The Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO4
The Hotel Will RogersClaremoreOK8
The NeedlesNeedlesCA3
Thomas' Dinner HouseAmarilloTX3
Through the Heart of N.M. on U.S. 66[none]NM54
Through the Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM37
Thunderbird MotelSpringfieldMO58
Tocom-Kari CourtTucumcariNM62
Tocom-Kari MotelTucumcariNM9
Toky's Bar-B-QRollaMO57
Tommy's CafeAdrianTX61
Tour the Missouri Ozarks[none]MO35
Tower CourtAlbuquerqueNM14
Tower CourtAlbuquerqueNM13
Tower MotelOklahoma CityOK68
Town and Country MotelBarstowCA8
Town House MotelElk CityOK22
Town of Shamrock, TexasShamrockTX9
Town Park MotelOklahoma CityOK14
Townhouse MotelWinslowAZ3
Trade Winds MotelTulsaOK20
Travel Route 66...Will Rogers Highway[none]4
Travelers Paradise Motor LodgeTucumcariNM26
Triangle MotelAmarilloTX58
Tropicana LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Tropics Restaurant and Cocktail LoungeLincolnIL58
Tucumcari, N. Mex., at twilightTucumcariNM39
Tulsa MotelTulsaOK55
Tulsa MotelTulsaOK61
Tulsa Ranch-O-TelTulsaOK29
Twilite MotelFlagstaffAZ67
Twin Bridges over Bourbeuse River[Franklin County]MO58
Twin Oaks CafeJoplinMO55
U.S. 66 / I-40 promo postcard[none]NM14
U.S. 66 in New Mexico[none]NM18
Underwood's Bar-B-QAmarilloTX12
Union Auto CourtWinslowAZ64
Union Bus DepotLebanonMO29
Urban Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM68
US 66 entering Rio Grande valley[none]NM34
Valley MotelSan BernardinoCA58
Vega Court MotelVegaTX54
Vesta Courte of LebanonMO9
Vesta Court Cafee of LebanonMO9
Victory CourtSpringfieldMO36
View of Highway 66 in New Mexico[none]NM7
View of Painted Deserte of HolbrookAZ1
View of the city of Oatman, ArizonaOatmanAZ1
View of Tucumcari MountainTucumcariNM3
Views of Joplin, MissouriJoplinMO54
Villa de Cubero De Luxe Tourist Courtsw of AlbuquerqueNM21
Vinita City HallVinitaOK62
Vol's Motel-Restaurant-LoungeAmarilloTX31
Wagon Wheel CafeCubaMO27
Wagon Wheel MotelCubaMO18
Wagon Wheel MotelCubaMO20
Wal-A-Pai CourtKingmanAZ54
Wal-A-Pai CourtKingmanAZ54
Wayside Auto CourtSt LouisMO26
Wayside CafeEssexCA29
Welcome to Needles, CaliforniaNeedlesCA43
West Side Auto CourtGallupNM19
West Winds MotelSayreOK25
Western Chicken HouseSapulpaOK25
Western MotelHolbrookAZ67
Western MotelSanta RosaNM9
Western MotelOklahoma CityOK68
Western Trail MotelOklahoma CityOK27
Western Trail MotelOklahoma CityOK50
Westerner Bridal SuiteArcadiaCA69
Westerner MotelArcadiaCA23
Westport Lodge MotelJoplinMO50
Westward Ho MotelAlbuquerqueNM6
Westward MotelSt LouisMO13
Whispering Winds MotelFlagstaffAZ50
White Rock CourtKingmanAZ50
White Sands MotelLebanonMO34
White Way CourtAlbuquerqueNM30
White Way Court Motor HotelAlbuquerqueNM50
White's City Motor Courtw of SpringfieldMO11
White's CourtCarthageMO50
Whiting Brothers DeLuxe MotelHolbrookAZ56
Whiting Motor HotelHolbrookAZ11
Whitt's MotelTulsaOK50
Wide Ruins Trading PostChambersAZ12
Wide-A-Wake CafeEdmondOK50
Wigwam Trading PostClaremoreOK58
Wigwam Village Motel (interior)RialtoCA50
Wigwam Village No. 6HolbrookAZ17
Wilder's RestaurantJoplinMO50
Will Rogers CourtClaremoreOK62
Will Rogers FieldOklahoma CityOK50
Will Rogers Motor CourtTulsaOK29
Will Rogers Motor CourtTulsaOK5
William Tell Motel and ApartmentsSanta MonicaCA50
Williams MotelWilliamsAZ50
Wilson Street, Vinita, OklahomaVinitaOK22
Wishing Well MotelSpringfieldIL16
Wishing Well MotelSpringfieldMO5
Witmor FarmsWaynesvilleMO29
Wonderland MotelFlagstaffAZ67
Wright's CafeteriaVinitaOK10
Wright's Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM5
Yucca CourtSanta RosaNM12
Yucca HotelGrantsNM50
Zeno's MotelRollaMO18
Zia LodgeAlbuquerqueNM26
Zia LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Zia MotelGallupNM54
Zia MotelGallupNM50
Zuni Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM50
Zuni Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM20