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Following is our list of online Route 66 postcards, alphabetized by description. You may click on any of the states below to restrict your results.

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Currently displaying MISSOURI postcards only

4-Acre CampLebanonMO59
66 Auto CourtSt LouisMO7
66 Auto CourtSt. LouisMO65
Abbylee MotelSpringfieldMO51
Alpac CafePacificMO65
America's Main Street postcard folder[none]MO20
American Way Motor CourtSt. JamesMO66
Americana MotelSpringfieldMO23
Andy's Modern Rock CottagesSpringfieldMO35
Arrowhead MotelSpringfieldMO49
Baldridge Motor CourtSpringfieldMO26
Bauer's Ranch HouseSt LouisMO61
Beacon MotelAllenton-PacificMO10
Beautiful Missouri Ozarks (folder)[none]MO36
Bell Cafe, Cafeteria, and Bus StationRollaMO55
Bell HotelWaynesvilleMO49
Benson's Tourist CitySt ClairMO51
Benson's Tourist Cityw of St ClairMO4
Big Boy's Auto CourtSpringfieldMO62
Big Piney River at Devil's ElbowDevil's ElbowMO2
Bird's Nest LodgeCubaMO30
Blue Bonnet CourtSt LouisMO44
Blue Bonnet CourtSt LouisMO32
Bob Miller's RestaurantJoplinMO23
Boots CourtCarthageMO26
Boots CourtCarthageMO15
Boots Drive-in and Gift ShopCarthageMO49
Bridge over Big Piney RiverWaynesvilleMO16
Buffalo Lick CampLaqueyMO57
Bungalow CourtSpringfieldMO69
C & W CafeCarthageMO57
Camp Hi Lite MotelSt JamesMO39
Camp LookoutAlbatrossMO59
Camp Rose Auto CourtSpringfieldMO66
Carney Manor InnRollaMO37
Castle KourtJoplinMO24
Castle KourtJoplinMO38
Cedar Crest CampLebanonMO69
Chain of Rocks BridgeSt LouisMO28
Chain of Rocks BridgeSt LouisMO42
Chester Cafe and Cooke Service StationCubaMO17
Civic Drive-In CafeWebb CityMO64
Civic Theater and Drive-in CafeWebb CityMO69
Cloverleaf MotelLebanonMO49
Cloverleaf MotelLebanonMO39
Colonial Village CabinsRollaMO62
Colonial Village HotelRollaMO27
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO42
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO49
Coral Court MotelSt LouisMO10
Corral Drive-in RestaurantSpringfieldMO60
Cortez Motor CourtsSpringfieldMO38
De Luxe CourtsSpringfieldMO13
Devil's Bathtub, Meramec CavernsStantonMO1
Devil's Elbow CafeDevil's ElbowMO42
Devil's Elbow CafeDevil's ElbowMO65
Devil's Elbow Cafe (interior)Devil's ElbowMO70
Diamond's RestaurantVilla RidgeMO17
Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO11
Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO31
Diamonds RestaurantMO46
Diamonds Restaurant and CabinsVilla RidgeMO31
Doc's Cafe (interior)SpringfieldMO58
Doc's PlaceSpringfieldMO70
Dudley's Cabins and ServiceSt. LouisMO64
East 7th Street MotelJoplinMO61
Edwiin Long HotelRollaMO56
Elmhurst MotelSpringfieldMO70
Elms MotelJoplinMO59
Evergreen CabinsSt LouisMO9
Fenix CourtJoplinMO27
Fishing is Great HereWaynesvilleMO60
Four-lane segment in the Missouri Ozarks[none]MO33
Fox Springs LodgeCubaMO51
Fox Springs LodgeCubaMO35
Fun Fair Park and Chain of Rocks bridgeSt LouisMO28
Gan's Gift ShopHookerMO38
Garbage Can CafeMarshfieldMO31
Gardenway MotelGray's SummitMO4
Gerwe's Log Cabin CafeEurekaMO40
Grande CourtsSullivanMO63
Grande CourtsSullivanMO7
Greetings from JoplinJoplinMO52
Greetings from Rolla, MissouriRollaMO25
Greetings from St LouisSt LouisMO3
Greetings from Waynesville, MissouriWaynesvilleMO30
HaHaTonka State ParkLebanonMO67
Harbor Cafe and Cabinse of LebanonMO9
Heart of the Ozarks MotelSpringfieldMO12
High Hill Tourist CourtBourbonMO41
Hilliard's Character DollsSt ClairMO29
Holiday Inn HotelJoplinMO51
Home Eddy, near Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO1
Hooker Cute of WaynesvilleMO8
Hooker Cut, central MissouriHookerMO36
Hotel CubaCubaMO14
Hotel CubaCubaMO49
Huffman's Ozark SouvenirsStraffordMO65
Hull's Colonial VillageRollaMO56
Hwy 66 crossing Big Piney RiverWaynesvilleMO15
Ivy MotelSt LouisMO39
Ivy MotelSt LouisMO54
Junge's Bakery ProductsJoplinMO39
Kel-Lake MotelCarthageMO65
King Bros. MotelSt. LouisMO71
King Brothers MotelSt LouisMO16
Ko Ko MotelJoplinMO43
Koronado Hotel KourtsJoplinMO36
Lake of the Ozarks map[none]MO40
Lake Shore MotelCarthageMO65
Little King's Hotel CourtJoplinMO57
Log CityCarthageMO30
Log City Campe of CarthageMO29
Lone Star CottagesSpringfieldMO40
Madison MotelJoplinMO60
Manhattan Dinner HouseSpringfieldMO20
Mark Twain MotelWaynesvilleMO14
Martin MotelRollaMO1
Martin MotelRollaMO7
McGinnis Sho-Me CourtsSt ClairMO18
Meramac RiverStantonMO60
Meramec CavernsStantonMO52
Meramec Caverns (entrance)StantonMO30
Meramec Caverns (interior)StantonMO49
Meramec Caverns (Jesse James cabin)StantonMO33
Meramec Caverns (Wine Room)StantonMO11
Meramec Caverns entranceStantonMO67
Meramec SpringsSt JamesMO56
Miller's MarketDevil's ElbowMO11
Missouri 66 Postcard Folder[none]MO7
Motel RoyalSt LouisMO45
Mule Trading PostRollaMO60
Munger Moss MotelLebanonMO12
Neff's Liquor and TobaccoJoplinMO61
Nelson Dream VillageLebanonMO26
Nelson TavernLebanonMO10
Nelson Tavern (interior)LebanonMO21
Nelson Tavern and Service StationLebanonMO5
Nelson's Dream VillageLebanonMO64
New Haven CourtSpringfieldMO43
New Motel St LouisSt Louis (Robertson)MO17
Normandy MotelPacificMO45
Novelty Housew of RollaMO30
Oak Grove Lodgeeast of SpringfieldMO52
Otto's Motel CourtsSpringfieldMO43
Ozark MotelWebb CityMO59
Ozark MotelWebb CityMO19
Ozark Rock CuriosSt ClairMO30
Pacific BluffsPacificMO52
Pacific BluffsPacificMO32
Park Plaza CourtSt LouisMO60
Perkins Tourist Campw of St LouisMO37
Phelps Oil and Grande CabinsRollaMO40
Plaza MotelJoplinMO54
Powellviille Restaurant and CabinsPowellvilleMO10
Rail Haven MotelSpringfieldMO27
Rail Haven Motor CourtSpringfieldMO6
Rancho MotelSpringfieldMO35
Rancho MotelSpringfieldMO25
Reg and Andy's CafeRollaMO45
Rest Haven CourtSpringfieldMO60
Rest Haven CourtSpringfieldMO43
Rest Haven Motor CourtSpringfieldMO37
Roadside overlook shelterPacificMO35
Rock Court MotelLebanonMO20
Rock Court MotelLebanonMO7
Rock Fountain Court (Melinda)SpringfieldMO6
Rock View CourtSpringfieldMO58
Rock Village CourtSpringfieldMO5
Rock Village Motor CourtSpringfieldMO13
Rocket MotelJoplinMO11
Rockwood Court and CafeSpringfieldMO39
Rolla Rancho MotelRollaMO11
Rolla, Missouri outskirtsRollaMO27
Roubidoux and Gasconade Riversnear WaynesvilleMO52
Roy's Bar-B-QJoplinMO55
Satellite MotelSpringfieldMO35
Scenic River View near WaynesvilleWaynesvilleMO8
Scherer's CafeSt JamesMO45
Schuman's Motor CityRollaMO25
Schuman's Tourist CityRollaMO62
Schuman's Tourist CityRollaMO37
Shamrock CourtSullivanMO5
Shangri-La RestaurantSt LouisMO19
Sinclair Pennant HotelsRollaMO37
Smith Brothers MotelSt LouisMO61
Snell's CafeSullivanMO65
Spring RiverCarthageMO12
Springfield Motor CourtSpringfieldMO24
Street scene in Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO9
Street scene, Lebanon, MissouriLebanonMO10
Sunrise MotelSullivanMO61
Sunset CourtSpringfieldMO59
Sunset MotelSt ClairMO24
Sweeney's Steak HouseBourbonMO64
Ted's Motor CourtSpringfieldMO11
The Diamonds RestaurantVilla RidgeMO4
Thunderbird MotelSpringfieldMO58
Toky's Bar-B-QRollaMO57
Tour the Missouri Ozarks[none]MO35
Twin Bridges over Bourbeuse River[Franklin County]MO58
Twin Oaks CafeJoplinMO55
Union Bus DepotLebanonMO29
Vesta Courte of LebanonMO9
Vesta Court Cafee of LebanonMO9
Victory CourtSpringfieldMO36
Views of Joplin, MissouriJoplinMO54
Wagon Wheel CafeCubaMO27
Wagon Wheel MotelCubaMO20
Wagon Wheel MotelCubaMO18
Wayside Auto CourtSt LouisMO26
Westport Lodge MotelJoplinMO50
Westward MotelSt LouisMO13
White Sands MotelLebanonMO34
White's City Motor Courtw of SpringfieldMO11
White's CourtCarthageMO50
Wilder's RestaurantJoplinMO50
Wishing Well MotelSpringfieldMO5
Witmor FarmsWaynesvilleMO29
Zeno's MotelRollaMO18