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Following is our list of online Route 66 postcards, alphabetized by description. You may click on any of the states below to restrict your results.

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101 Cafe and CuriosEdgewoodNM66
A. H. Fidel Wholesale PotterySan FidelNM53
Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)LagunaNM41
Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)w of AlbuquerqueNM23
Adobe InnSanta RosaNM21
Aerial view of Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM21
Albuquerque night view (neon)AlbuquerqueNM35
All States CourtGallupNM62
Along the Famous Route 66WaynesvilleNM17
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM66
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM63
Alvarado HotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Ambassador LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Ambassador LodgeAlbuquerqueNM53
Ambassador LodgeGallupNM66
Ambassador MotelGallupNM12
American CourtGallupNM46
Anchor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Apache LodgeAlbuquerqueNM39
Apache MotelTucumcariNM17
Arrow Head CampSanta FeNM40
Arrow Head CampGlorietaNM55
Arrowhead LodgeGallupNM42
Arrowhead Lodge MotelGallupNM41
Arrowhead Lodge MotelGallupNM8
Auto-Tel CourtAlbuquerqueNM66
Auto-Tel CourtAlbuquerqueNM51
Avalon CafeGallupNM65
Aztec LodgeAlbuquerqueNM63
Bar X MotelAlbuquerqueNM28
Bar-B-Q Inn RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM51
Beach MotelAlbuquerqueNM26
Big Cut near Santa FeSanta FeNM34
Billie Jo's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM41
Blackie's CafeMoriartyNM13
Blackie's Cafe and CuriosMoriartyNM57
Blue Spruce LodgeGallupNM8
Blue Swallow MotelTucumcariNM22
Bow & Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM20
Bow & Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM21
Bow and Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Bow and Arrow LodgeAlbuquerqueNM4
Bowlin's Running IndianSanta RosaNM44
Bowlin's Running IndianSanta RosaNM48
Box Canyon Indian StoreGallupNM31
Buckaroo MotelTucumcariNM69
Buckaroo MotelTucumcariNM62
C. G. Wallace Indian TraderGallupNM54
Cactus Gardens (formerly Cobra Gdns)GrantsNM49
Cactus LodgeTucumcariNM10
Cactus MotelGallupNM32
Cactus MotelGallupNM33
Cactus MotelMoriartyNM28
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM59
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM63
Cactus Motor LodgeTucumcariNM9
Capri MotelAlbuquerqueNM51
Carrico CourtAlbuquerqueNM66
Carrico CourtsAlbuquerqueNM26
Casa Grande LodgeAlbuquerqueNM22
Casa Grande LodgeAlbuquerqueNM38
Casa Grande MotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM53
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM31
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM32
Casa Linda CourtGallupNM32
Casa Linda Court (lobby view)GallupNM32
Casa Linda MotelGallupNM46
Cedro Canyoneast of AlbuquerqueNM40
Central AvenueAlbuquerqueNM38
Central Avenue (night view)AlbuquerqueNM57
Central Avenue and Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM46
Central Avenue neonAlbuquerqueNM30
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Central Avenue, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM44
Central Avenue, downtown AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM56
Central Avenue, downtown AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM2
Circle K CourtAlbuquerqueNM41
Circle K MotelAlbuquerqueNM51
Circle S MotelTucumcariNM33
Circle S MotelTucumcariNM44
City Hall, Santa RosaSanta RosaNM55
Clines Corners (aerial view)Clines CornersNM34
Clines Corners gas-cafe-curios complexClines CornersNM16
Clines Corners tourist complexClines CornersNM16
Club CafeSanta RosaNM68
Club Cafe and Cafe CuriosSanta RosaNM31
Club Cafe and CuriosSanta RosaNM64
Cobra GardensGrantsNM7
Colonial MotelGallupNM7
Colonial MotelGallupNM2
Colonial MotelGallupNM21
Comfort LodgeAlbuquerqueNM41
Conchas HotelTucumcariNM51
Conchas MotelTucumcariNM56
Conchas Motor LodgeTucumcariNM69
Conchas Motor LodgeTucumcariNM15
Cooksey CourtAlbuquerqueNM55
Coronado LodgeAlbuquerqueNM6
Country Club CourtAlbuquerqueNM4
Court CafeAlbuquerqueNM70
Crest-Hi RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM57
Davis Auto CourtAlbuquerqueNM44
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM8
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM11
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM46
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM9
De Anza Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM19
Del Webb's Hiway HouseAlbuquerqueNM53
Del's RestaurantTucumcariNM51
Desert Air MotelTucumcariNM46
Desert Inn Tourist HotelAlbuquerqueNM53
Desert Skies MotelGallupNM49
Downtown Albuquerque, N. Mex.AlbuquerqueNM27
Downtown Gallup, New MexicoGallupNM37
Downtown Gallup, New MexicoGallupNM13
Downtown Grants, New MexicoGrantsNM23
Downtown Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM8
Downtowner Motor InnAlbuquerqueNM31
Dutch MotelAlbuquerqueNM70
Earl's CafeGallupNM19
El Capitan MotelGallupNM6
El Capitan MotelGallupNM32
El Don MotelAlbuquerqueNM70
El Don MotelAlbuquerqueNM58
El Jardin LodgeAlbuquerqueNM28
El Navajo Hotel (Fred Harvey)GallupNM2
El Oriente CourtAlbuquerqueNM70
El Rancho HotelGallupNM35
El Rancho HotelGallupNM35
El Rancho HotelGallupNM70
El Rancho HotelGallupNM47
El Rancho Hotel (dining room)GallupNM68
El Rancho Hotel interior (lobby)GallupNM19
El Rancho Hotel lobbyGallupNM19
El Rancho Hotel/MotelGallupNM8
El Rancho Hotel/MotelGallupNM12
El Rey CourtAlbuquerqueNM58
El Vado CourtAlbuquerqueNM19
El Vado CourtAlbuquerqueNM25
El Vado MotelAlbuquerqueNM19
Fair Grounds MotelAlbuquerqueNM18
Fairgrounds MotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Flying C RanchMoriartyNM36
Flying C RanchClines CornersNM53
Flying C Ranch[none]NM12
Fourth StreetAlbuquerqueNM64
Franciscan LodgeGrantsNM71
Franciscan LodgeGrantsNM24
Fred Harvey Indian Building (interior)AlbuquerqueNM60
Frontier LodgeAlbuquerqueNM71
Frontier LodgeAlbuquerqueNM53
Golden W MotelTucumcariNM34
Goodnight Trail marker[none]NM40
Grande CourtsTucumcariNM57
Grants CafeGrantsNM71
Grants Motor LodgeGrantsNM7
Greeting from GrantsGrantsNM8
Greetings from GallupGallupNM2
Greetings from Gallup, N.M. (map)GallupNM57
Greetings from Highway 66[none]NM57
Greetings from Santa RosaSanta RosaNM3
Greetings from TucumcariTucumcariNM21
Gulf Station at Clines CornersClines CornersNM4
Hall's RestaurantTucumcariNM47
Highway U.S. 66 Through New Mexico[none]NM6
Hill Top CourtAlbuquerqueNM47
Holiday MotelTucumcariNM36
Honey Dew Drive InnAlbuquerqueNM25
Horn Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM34
Hotel RandleTucumcariNM28
Hoyt's RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM4
Iceberg CafeAlbuquerqueNM3
Inscription RockGallupNM3
It'll Do InnGrantsNM65
Kachina figureGallupNM20
Katson's Drive-In RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM34
Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM42
Kimo TheaterAlbuquerqueNM10
Kiowa Cafe-Motel-Curiosw of AlbuquerqueNM18
La Bajada HillAlbuquerqueNM3
La Bajada Hill Switchbacksnear Santa FeNM39
La Cita RestaurantTucumcariNM41
La Cita RestaurantTucumcariNM49
La Hacienda CourtGallupNM46
La Loma MotelSanta RosaNM63
La Puerta LodgeAlbuquerqueNM11
La Siesta LodgeGallupNM13
Largest Covered Wagon in the WorldAlbuquerqueNM49
Lariat LodgeMoriartyNM49
Lariat LodgeGallupNM71
Lariat LodgeGrantsNM23
Lariat LodgeGallupNM46
Lasso MotelTucumcariNM71
Leatherwood Manor MotelTucumcariNM23
Leonard's Fine FoodsAlbuquerqueNM47
Leonard's RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM32
Lin's CafeTucumcariNM25
Log Cabin CourtGallupNM19
Log Cabin LodgeGallupNM13
Log Cabin LodgeGallupNM15
Loma Verde MotelAlbuquerqueNM9
Longhorn Ranche of AlbuquerqueNM54
Longhorn Ranche of MoriartyNM5
Longhorn Ranch[none]NM13
Longhorn Ranchnear MoriartyNM62
Luna Lodge and Coffee ShopAlbuquerqueNM20
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM49
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM43
Maisel's Indian Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM45
Manhattan CafeGallupNM67
Mayflower MotelAlbuquerqueNM62
Meadows RestaurantTucumcariNM40
Mesa Encantada (Enchanted Mesa)[none]NM70
Milan MotelGrantsNM36
Minton LodgeAlbuquerqueNM19
Mission ChurchManuelitoNM33
Monterey CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Monterey MotelAlbuquerqueNM56
Moon MotelAlbuquerqueNM55
Mountain Lodgee of AlbuquerqueNM12
Mountain Lodgee of AlbuquerqueNM16
Mt Taylor and Enchanted MesaGrantsNM43
Museum of the Old West[none]NM43
Native Americans on paradeGallupNM42
Night view of Tucumcari, New MexicoTucumcariNM17
Nod-A-While Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM62
Oasis MotelSanta RosaNM19
Oklahoma Joe's CafeAlbuquerqueNM24
Old Town AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNM8
Owl Rockw of AlbuquerqueNM1
Palomino MotelTucumcariNM31
Palomino MotelTucumcariNM53
Paradise MotelTucumcariNM40
Paradise MotelTucumcariNM6
Paramount CafeGallupNM24
Paramount CafeGallupNM61
Pete's CafeGallupNM61
Pig Stand CafeAlbuquerqueNM36
Pigeon Ranch/Glorieta WellGlorieta PassNM63
Pinon LodgeAlbuquerqueNM14
Pony Soldier MotelTucumcariNM22
Premiere MotelAlbuquerqueNM48
Premiere MotelAlbuquerqueNM3
Pueblo Bonito CourtAlbuquerqueNM43
Pueblo Bonito CourtAlbuquerqueNM20
Ranch House Royal MotelTucumcariNM10
Ranchito MotelGallupNM53
Rattlesnake Trading PostBluewaterNM56
Rio Puerco Trading PostNM68
Roadrunner Motel and CafeGallupNM24
Route 66 and Interstate 40[none]NM59
San Felipe de Neri ChurchAlbuquerqueNM46
Sandia MotelAlbuquerqueNM48
Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM3
Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM17
Santa Rosa city limit (sign)Santa RosaNM20
Scenic Hiway 66 postcard folder[none]NM15
Shalimar MotelGallupNM18
Shamrock CourtTucumcariNM18
Sleepy Hollow CourtAlbuquerqueNM63
Sleepy Hollow CourtAlbuquerqueNM54
Sun 'n Sand MotelSanta RosaNM26
Sunset LodgeGallupNM61
Surf MotelSanta RosaNM13
Swayze's Dinner Bell RestaurantAlbuquerqueNM58
Taira's Restaurant & Motor InnGallupNM19
TeePee CuriosTucumcariNM3
Tewa LodgeAlbuquerqueNM17
Tewa LodgeAlbuquerqueNM68
Texas Ann CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Texas Ann CourtAlbuquerqueNM5
Texas Ann MotelAlbuquerqueNM17
Texas Ann MotelAlbuquerqueNM11
Through the Heart of N.M. on U.S. 66[none]NM54
Through the Sandia Mountainse of AlbuquerqueNM37
Tocom-Kari CourtTucumcariNM62
Tocom-Kari MotelTucumcariNM9
Tower CourtAlbuquerqueNM14
Tower CourtAlbuquerqueNM13
Travelers Paradise Motor LodgeTucumcariNM26
Tropicana LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Tucumcari, N. Mex., at twilightTucumcariNM39
U.S. 66 / I-40 promo postcard[none]NM14
U.S. 66 in New Mexico[none]NM18
Urban Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM68
US 66 entering Rio Grande valley[none]NM34
View of Highway 66 in New Mexico[none]NM7
View of Tucumcari MountainTucumcariNM3
Villa de Cubero De Luxe Tourist Courtsw of AlbuquerqueNM21
West Side Auto CourtGallupNM19
Western MotelSanta RosaNM9
Westward Ho MotelAlbuquerqueNM6
White Way CourtAlbuquerqueNM30
White Way Court Motor HotelAlbuquerqueNM50
Wright's Trading PostAlbuquerqueNM5
Yucca CourtSanta RosaNM12
Yucca HotelGrantsNM50
Zia LodgeAlbuquerqueNM3
Zia LodgeAlbuquerqueNM26
Zia MotelGallupNM50
Zia MotelGallupNM54
Zuni Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM50
Zuni Motor LodgeAlbuquerqueNM20