Route 66 University Online Postcard Listing

Following is our list of online Route 66 postcards, alphabetized by description. You may click on any of the states below to restrict your results.

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Currently displaying TEXAS postcards only

Ama-Tone CourtAmarilloTX44
Amarillo Cottage CampAmarilloTX28
Amarillo FolderAmarilloTX42
Arrow MotelAmarilloTX66
Arrow MotelAmarilloTX46
Best Tourist CourtAmarilloTX23
Bonanza MotelVegaTX41
Broncho LodgeAmarilloTX20
Broncho LodgeAmarilloTX9
Broncho Lodge and RestaurantAmarilloTX25
Bungalow CourtsAmarilloTX63
Cecil's SteakhouseAmarilloTX44
Clay CourtsShamrockTX4
Colonial CourtsAmarilloTX69
Coronado CourtsAmarilloTX53
Cunningham Floral CompanyAmarilloTX2
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX33
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX51
Del Camino MotelAmarilloTX28
Ding How RestaurantAmarilloTX39
Dowell's Saratoga CafeAmarilloTX53
Elite CourtsAmarilloTX55
Elite MotelAmarilloTX4
Forest Hill CourtAmarilloTX54
Golden Spread MotelGroomTX71
Grande CourtAmarilloTX57
Grande CourtAmarilloTX28
Grande Tourist CourtAmarilloTX47
Grande Tourist CourtAmarilloTX51
Greetings from AmarilloAmarilloTX47
Hill's CafeVegaTX71
Hill's MotelAmarilloTX45
Hillcrest MotelAmarilloTX71
Hong Kong RestaurantAmarilloTX8
Howdy from Amarillo, TexasAmarilloTX26
Howdy from Shamrock, TexasShamrockTX15
Howdy from the Golden Spread of Texas[none]TX28
Jacob's Trailer CourtShamrockTX5
Jesse's CafeAdrianTX47
Kelly MotelShamrockTX22
Lela Mae CourtAmarilloTX47
Lela Mae CourtsAmarilloTX36
Longchamp RestaurantAmarilloTX16
Longchamp Restaurant (interior)AmarilloTX29
Mary Thomas RestaurantAmarilloTX27
Maverick RestaurantShamrockTX35
McLean--on U.S. 66McLeanTX20
Model MotelAmarilloTX1
Palo Duro MotelAmarilloTX48
Park Plaza MotelAmarilloTX14
Plainsman MotelAmarilloTX18
Plainsman MotelAmarilloTX41
Plainsman Motel and RestaurantAmarilloTX67
Pueblo CourtAmarilloTX31
Rambler MotelShamrockTX67
Rambler MotelShamrockTX40
Rambler RestaurantShamrockTX10
Ranch 66 MotelAmarilloTX67
Ranger MotelShamrockTX26
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX63
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX48
Rice's Dining SalonAmarilloTX6
Sahara Sands MotelAmarilloTX18
Sands MotelVegaTX31
Shamrock CourtShamrockTX17
Silver Spur MotelAmarilloTX52
Silver Spur MotelAmarilloTX29
Skyline MotelAmarilloTX52
Skyline MotelAmarilloTX18
Smith's MotelAmarilloTX37
Smith's MotelAmarilloTX10
Spanish CourtsAmarilloTX37
Sunset and Skyline MotelsAmarilloTX68
Sunset MotelAmarilloTX7
Sunset MotelAmarilloTX16
Thomas' Dinner HouseAmarilloTX3
Tommy's CafeAdrianTX61
Town of Shamrock, TexasShamrockTX9
Triangle MotelAmarilloTX58
Underwood's Bar-B-QAmarilloTX12
Vega Court MotelVegaTX54
Vol's Motel-Restaurant-LoungeAmarilloTX31