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shamrock_tx Postcard featuring the town of Shamrock, Texas. tocom_kari_mtl Tocom-Kari Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico. The name is based on the legend of native American lovers, Tocom and Kari. la_siesta_barst La Siesta Motel, Barstow, California. loma_verde Loma Verde Motel, Albuquerque, New Mexico. western_mtl_srosa Westerm Motel, Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on U.S. 66 - 54 - 84. williams_aerial Aerial view of the Route 66 town of Williams, Arizona. chief_holbrook Chief Motel, Holbrook, Arizona. de_anza2 De Anza Motor Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. broncho_lodge_amar Broncho Lodge, Amarillo, Texas. evergrn_cabins Evergreen Cabins, on Route 66 near St Louis, Missouri. harbor_lebanon Harbor Cafe and Cottages, on U.S. 66 several miles east of Lebanon, Mo. lebanon_66 A view of Route 66 as it passed through the town of Lebanon, Mo. vesta_ct Vesta Court, a quaint set of lodgings just east of Lebanon, Mo. vesta_ct_cafe Vesta Court Cafe, near Lebanon, Missouri. cactus_tucum Cactus Motor Lodge, Tucumcari, N. Mex. trovatore_kgmn Trovatore Cafe, Kingman, Arizona.