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travelodge_kgmn Kingman, Arizona, 1960s. coralcourt The famous Coral Court Motel, St Louis. Though razed, a portion of the Coral Court has been preserved in the nearby Museum of Transportation. kimo Kimo Theater, downtown Albuquerque, N. Mex. drumms_winslow Drumm's Auto Court, Winslow, Arizona. lebanon_dwntwn Downtown street scene on Route 66, Lebanon, Missouri. nelson_tavrn View of the Nelson Tavern, Lebanon, Mo. temple_mtl_la Temple Motel, Los Angeles. meteor_mus American Meteorite Museum, a former Rt 66 attraction near the meteor crater in Arizona. The stone remains of this building are still visible. beacon_mtl This postcard for the Beacon Motel in Missouri includes a small map. This was due to the fact that the motel had already been bypassed by I-44 and had become more difficult to find. rambler_shamrk The Rambler Restaurant, Shamrock, Texas. cactus_lodge_tucum The Cactus Lodge in Tucumcari, N. Mex., boasts of its write-up in the Saturday Evening Post. pennies_flag Pennie's General Store was a logical place to pull over and buy supplies on Route 66 while passing through Flagstaff, Ariz. wrights Wright's Cafeteria was at a major highway junction in Vinita, Okla. smiths_amar Smith's Motel, Amarillo. powellville2 The reverse of this card says: ranch_hse_tucum The Ranch House Royal Motel, Tucumcari, N. Mex.