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tucumcari Aerial view of Tucumcari, with its namesake mountain in the background. adobe_srosa Adobe Inn, Santa Rosa, New Mexico. holbrook_mtl Holbrook Motel, Holbrook, Arizona. nelson_tav_int Interior of the Nelson Tavern, Lebanon, Mo. rt66_fldr Postcard folder featuring Route 66. hulls_wms Hull's Motel, Williams, Arizona. colonial2_gall Colonial Motel, Gallup, New Mexico. bowandarrow3 Bow and Arrow Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. manor_jol Manor Motel, Joliet, Illinois. mccoy_elkcy McCoy Motel, Elk City, Oklahoma. grand_mtl_wms Grand Motel, Williams, Arizona. border_wbnd_lup Westbound view on Route 66 at the New Mexico-Arizona state line. sands_tuls Sands Motel, Tulsa, Oklahoma. villa_decubero Villa de Cubero Tourist Courts, west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. radio_cy_hlywd Radio City Tourist Motel, in Hollywood between U.S. routes 66 and 101. tucum_linen Greetings from Tucumcari, New Mexico.