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cartys_need2 Carty's Camp Cottages, on the east side of Needles, California. beacon_elreno Beacon Motel, El Reno, Oklahoma. This motel was later re-named the Big 8 and was used in the film Rainman. A few years ago, the sign was removed and it now looks rather anonymous. sunset_stl Sunset Motel, near St Clair, Missouri. pop_hicks The famous Pop Hicks Restaurant, Clinton, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the restaurant burned a few years ago and was not rebuilt. benders_amboy Bender's Cottages, Amboy, California. This photo pre-dates the Route 66 era, which began in 1926. castle_ct_jop Castle Kourt, Joplin, Missouri. cheshire_wms Cheshire Motors, Williams, Arizona. motorinn_elkcy Motor Inn Motel, Elk City, Oklahoma. This card dates from the interstate era, as the location is given as being on both U.S. 66 and I-40. roadrunner_gall Roadrunner Motel and Cafe, Gallup, New Mexico. franciscan Franciscan Lodge, Grants, New Mexico. As the card points out, Grants is known for its uranium deposits. frankoma Frankoma Pottery is still doing business to this day on an old alignment of Route 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. landl_bloom L and L Motel, Bloomington, Illinois. okjoe_abq Oklahoma Joe's, serving paramount_gall Paramount Cafe, Gallup, New Mexico. sprfld_mtr_ct Springfield Motor Court, Springfield, Missouri. kingman_mtl Kingman Motel: Electric Heated - Air cooled - Quiet.