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eljardin_abq El Jardin Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. barx_abq This card is slightly unusual in that it touts both the Bar X Motel and its neighbor, the Jennings and Johnson Realty office. (Albuquerque, N. Mex.) cactus_moriar Cactus Motel, Moriarty, New Mexico. fun_fair Aerial view of the Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River at St Louis, Missouri. The back of the card promotes the Fun Fair Park, a recreational area on the St Louis side of the bridge. capitol_spril Capitol Motel, Springfield, Illinois. delcamino_ama Del Camino Motel, Amarillo, Texas. The name means literally cor_bridge View of Chain of Rocks Bridge, including the toll booth on the St Louis side. cottagecamp_ama The Amarillo Cottage Camp, Amarillo, Texas, featured grande_ama Grande Court, Amarillo, Texas. fiddlehouse Photo postcard of Ed Galloway in his Fiddle House (Foyil, Oklahoma). dntn_vville View of downtown Victorville, California, including the Green Spot Motel. hulls2_wms Hull's Motel, Williams, Arizona. hv_mtl_spril H V Motel, on the north side of Springfield, Illinois. howdy_gspr Howdy from the Golden Spread (a nickname for the panhandle area of Texas). htl_randle Hotel Randle, Tucumcari, New Mexico. twoguns Service station at Two Guns, Arizona.