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vols_ama Vol's Motel-Restaurant-Lounge complex in Amarillo, Texas. grand_pasa Grand Motel, Pasadena, California. club_cafe The famous Club Cafe, Santa Rosa, New Mexico. boxcanyon_gall Box Canyon Indian Store, Gallup, New Mexico. diamonds3 The Diamonds Restaurant at Villa Ridge, Missouri, once offered cabin accommodations. claremore_inn Claremore Inn, on the east side of Claremore, Oklahoma. dwntwner_abq Downtowner Motor Inn, on Central Avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico. garbagecan_mar Garbage Can Cafe, Marshfield, Missouri. beacon_tav_bars Beacon Tavern and Motel, Barstow, California. roys_amboy Roy's Cafe and Motel, Amboy, California. casalinda2_gall Casa Linda Court, Gallup, New Mexico. sands_vega Sands Motel, Vega, Texas. palomino3_tuc Palomino Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico. buckles2_linc Buckles Motel, Lincoln, Illinois. diamonds2 Diamonds Restaurant, Villa Ridge, Missouri. puebloct2_ama Pueblo Court, Amarillo, Texas.